How do you define “analytical”?

“Analytical” is a ten-letter word with a big job—because it can take on so many different meanings.

In pharmaceuticals, “analytical” HPLC can be practiced in nearly any department or discipline, from drug discovery to QC, from bioavailability to process development, from formulations to impurity analysis.

Outside of pharma, “analytical” also defies a simple definition. Analytical HPLC can help environmental chemists quantify contaminants. It can help process chemists determine manufacturing conditions. It can support food chemists seeking to uncover pesticide residues and so much more.

In any industry, it is the analytical investigation where scale-up is born and methods are developed for use in process scale isolation and purification.

Defining “analytical” in terms of scale and column format, YMC delivers high performance in columns for HPLC, UHPLC, and nano-LC (capillary HPLC). We also support our columns with a full range of guard columns—all matched to our analytical columns in terms of dimension and stationary phase.

However you define “analytical,” you can have confidence that YMC has the experience and expertise to support your application.

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