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YMC America’s CHIRAL Columns

YMC America offers the following selection of Polysaccharide Derivative-based chiral phases for chiral separations:

  • Amylose-C Coated Phase
  • Amylose-C Neo Coated Phase
  • Amylose-SA Immobilized Phase
  • Cellulose-C Coated Phase
  • Cellulose-SB Immobilized Phase
  • Cellulose-SC Immobilized Phase
  • Cellulose-SJ Immobilized Phase

YMC polysaccharide phases are offered in 5, 10 and 20-micron particle sizes. Moreover, the immobilized polysaccharide phases are also available in 3-micron. If you’re looking to buy chiral columns, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products are offered in different column dimensions—from analytical, semi-prep, and prep scale, to bulk supply packages.

With the supplemental advantage of YMC America’s strong, wide pore, silica-based particle, our columns provide familiar separation behavior to traditional polysaccharide chiral phases.

YMC Chiral ART columns are ideal for the following chromatography techniques: HPLC, prep scale LC, simulated moving bed (SMB), and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

Cyclodextrin and NEA phases are available, as well.     

Polysaccharide CHIRAL Phases

YMC CHIRAL ART chiral phases are offered in packed columns for analytical scale separations. Guard column cartridges and guard column cartridge holders are available, as well.

YMC CHIRAL ART columns demonstrate increased stereoselectivity. These products are ideal to use for the separation of a wide variety of chiral compounds, cis-trans isomers, and geometric isomers.

Both Amylose and Cellulose phases are available in the following two types of products: Coated Phase and Immobilized Phase.

YMC polysaccharide phases offer familiar chiral separation behavior to traditional chiral columns on the market, and have been shown to work effectively for separations across a broad range of applications. In addition, these products are suitable for various chiral compounds and are extremely rugged due to their high strength, wide pore, silica base particles. Moreover, these cost-effective, durable columns are ideal for SFC/SMB applications.


The YMC CHIRAL CD BR series is made up of three types of optical isomer separation columns. Each column carries a α-,β-,or γ-bromo-cyclodextrin functional group. Selection from the three types of columns allows for the analysis of a broad range of compounds.

Plus, YMC CHIRAL CD BR series exhibits different selectivity from ODS, since the separation is performed according to host-guest interaction. YMC CHIRAL CD BR series is valuable for separating structural isomers that are challenging to separate while using standard ODS columns.


YMC CHIRAL NEA (R) and (S) phase optical isomer separation columns. Chiral discrimination occurs according to the higher-order structure of chiral macromolecules, which consists of hydrogen bonding, π-π interaction, hydrophobic interaction, etc.

  • This is a synthesized macromolecule-type chiral column
  • By selecting (R) or (S), the elution order can be reversed
  • When you buy chiral NEA columns, you’ll experience a high level of cost performance


YMC CHIRAL PREP CD ST/PM are ideal packing materials for preparative isolation of optical isomers. The ST phase is appropriate for use primarily in reversed-phase mode, while PM can be used in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes. The cost is significantly less than that of the traditional packing materials for optical isomers and, thus, YMC CHIRAL PREP CD ST/PM are not only suitable for semi-preparative isolations, but also for industrial isolation. In addition, these columns are appropriate for use with simulated moving bed (SMB), chromatography and dynamic axial compression columns.

  • β-cyclodextrin modified silica gel packing material
  • Can separate a wide range of optical isomers
  • Can be used in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes
  • Applicable to large-scale isolation by simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography
  • Many different particle sizes are available
  • We offer kilogram scale bulk supply
  • Exceptional cost performance

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