One YMC…Part 2!

Earlier this year, several of our colleagues from YMC Co., Ltd. in Japan traveled to YMC America’s facility in Devens, Massachusetts for a two-week training on the YMC Contichrom TWIN MCSGP technology.  (If you missed it, click here!)

A few months later, Mark Dyment (President and CEO of YMC America), J Preston (Director, Separation Sciences), and Mario Lopez (Engineering Manager) took a trip to Japan to visit some of the YMC Co., Ltd. facilities.

Here are a few of the highlights from their trip!


YMC’s Kyoto Research Laboratories, located in Kyoto, Japan, houses R&D and Contract Purification facilities.

The YMC America team met with YMC Co., Ltd.’s Ryosuke Takahashi Ph.D, Manager Kyoto Research Lab; Takatomo Takai, General Manager Kyoto Research Lab;  Takashi Sato, General Manager, Sales & Marketing; and Kouhei Yamada, Sales & Marketing Assistant – Global LC Equipment.
Presentation on development work related to media for peptide and oligonucleotide separations. Bottom right going clockwise: Kouhei Yamada, Ryosuke Takahashi, Takashi Sato, Takatomo Takai, Mario Lopez, J Preston, Mark Dyment

Mark and J examining SEM (scanning electron microscope) images of YMC media substrates.


Komatsu Works is home to the R&D Center, GMP Purification Service, and manufacturing of packed columns and resins.

The team from YMC America visited the facility with Takashi Sato, General Manager, Sales & Marketing; Toshiaki Senoo, Vice Manager of Komatsu Works; and Ken Tsutsui, Deputy General Manager R&D Dept.

The gang smiled for a picture in their hard-hats outside of the API Purification building. This is where YMC performs contract manufacturing of peptides. Pictured left to right: Takashi Sato, J Preston, Mario Lopez, Mark Dyment, Toshiaki Senoo

It was a collaboration of great minds at the R&D
Department meeting! Pictured left to right: Ken Tsutsui, Mark Dyment, Mario Lopez, J Preston


Fushimi Works is a YMC manufacturing facility for systems and columns.

During the visit to Fushimi Works, Kanoko Fujimoto from the YMC Scientific Instruments Division
joined the team for a tour of system manufacturing facility.
Mario checking out a system in production J Preston, Kanoko Fujimoto, and Mario Lopez discussing assembly and testing.