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Preparative Chromatography Expertise

YMC is a global player in a market that demands innovative solutions for preparative scale chromatography, responsive customer service, and worldwide product availability.

YMC’s state-of-the-art silica bonding facilities allow for production of lot sizes up to 270 kg/lot. The annual capacity of YMC’s production plants amounts to multiple tens of tons of spherical hybrid silica and bonded phases.

Since 1980, chromatographers have been depending on YMC expertise… from the lab, into pilot, and into production.

  • An extensive range of chemistries/selectives
  • High performance spherical bulk silica from 2.0 µm to 150 µm
  • Unique hybrid silica materials, scalable from analytical to prep from 1.9 to 50 µm
  • Unique hydrophilic ion exchangers, scalable from analytical to prep
  • Prepacked columns from 2 mm i.d. up to 300 mm i.d.
  • Axial Compression columns (Actus) for scale-up and semi-preparative scale
  • Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) and Static Axial Compression (SB) columns for industrial scale chromatography
  • Glass columns and pilot columns for laboratory to pilot scale chromatography

To ensure uninterrupted operation for our global customers, all of YMC’s products are available worldwide through YMC-operated global subsidiaries.

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