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Preparative Chromatography


Preparative Chromatography Expertise

Introduction to YMC’s history, capacity, and expertise in preparative LC.

Prep Chemistry



YMC-Triart Prep

The first truly preparative scale hybrid phases available in large lot sizes. Scalable to UHPLC, YMC-Triart Prep is available in five bonded chemistries (C18, C8, Phenyl, Pentafluorophenyl, HILIC, as well as bare hybrid) up to 50 micron particle size. YMC-Triart is mechanically durable (for long life), pH resilient, and base washable.




Based on a porous, hydrophilic polymer bead, these SAX or SCX materials deliver excellent dynamic binding capacity, high recovery, and very low non-specific adsorption. YMC-BioPro Q30 and S30 and YMC-BioPro Q75 and S75 are ideal for proteins, peptides, mAb, and other biomolecule separation.
WCS and WAX phases also available.



YMC*GEL and YMC*GEL HG (high-strength) Media for Reversed Phase and Normal Phase

YMC’s renowned and widely-used YMC*Gel line of packing materials offers more than 15 fully scalable selectivities from 10 to 150µm for normal phase, reversed phase and chiral purifications.



YMC Chiral Phases

YMC offers Amylose-C and Cellulose-C chiral phases in columns up to 30 mm i.d. and 250 mm length. A variety of particle sizes is offered; bulk material is also available. CD (cyclodextrin) and NEA (naphthylethylamine) materials are also available.



YMC Preparative Phase Overview

This resource compares YMC’s many phases of bulk packing material in one place.  For each product, helpful information is provided such as pore and particle size, carbon load, pH, and typical applications.


Prep Equipment



Preparative Systems

K-Prep is a preparative chromatographic system corresponding from lab scale to industrial scale. Fully automatic operation by PC is possible. Chromatographic data and instrument data can be recorded automatically.


Actus Columns

Actus pre-packed columns are available with 20 or 30 mm i.d. and in lengths up to 250mm. Not common in the “semi-prep” scale of column hardware, Actus columns feature axial compression to optimize bed uniformity. They may be packed with virtually any YMC packing material. Compatible guard columns are also available.


YMC High Performance Preparative Pre-packed Columns

YMC preparative columns are available pre-packed with YMC-Pack or YMC-Triart materials, enabling direct scale-up using either of these popular YMC material product families. Column i.d. from 50 – 300 mm; column length from 50 – 1000 mm are standard. Matching guard columns are also offered and recommended for column life.


YMC Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns for preparative scale liquid chromatography

Columns with i.d. from 50 – 600 mm offer actively mechanically compressed column beds to minimize voiding. Systems are compact, with built-in slurry packing provisions.


YMC Glass Columns

These 5 – 60 mm i.d. columns feature wetted parts of glass or PEEK, and are ideal for low-to-medium pressure biomolecule separations.



YMC Pilot Columns

YMC Pilot Columns are offered with stainless steel, acrylic glass or borosilicate glass column tubes of 60 to 600 mm i.d. Seals, pistons, and frits are offered in a variety of materials, depending upon application. Adjustable plunger controls bed height.

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