Bulk Resins

Resins (gels)

Bulk resins allow flexibility for the user to load columns of various manufacture and size with a range of stationary phases (resins). Bulk resins are particularly useful in semi-prep and preparative chromatography, which require the production of significant quantities of purified drug substances. Bulk resins are packing materials for either HPLC or LPLC chromatography columns of the scale to perform preparative (gram) scale batches of drug products. Depending on the substance to be purified, the user has qualified the resin or gel at the bench scale likely in pre-packed columns and now procures quantities of the same resin in bulk. Bulk media is packed by the user into larger-scale columns that are not available as pre-packed and/or realize a cost benefit of bulk packaging.

As a large-scale producer of resins, YMC offers such media in pre-packed columns as well as bulk quantities of packing material, allowing seamless scale-up to semi-prep and preparative applications. Below outlines some of the bulk resins offered by YMC.

Low pressure bulk resin—prep scale applications

Based on a porous, hydrophilic polymer bead, our SAX or SCX materials deliver excellent dynamic binding capacity, high recovery, and very low non-specific adsorption. YMC-BioPro Q30 and S30 and YMC-BioPro Q75 and S75 are ideal for proteins, peptides, mAb, and other biomolecule separation. WCS and WAX phases also available.

MiniChrom BioPro Columns are easy to use and enable resin screening, purification method development, and loadability studies. 

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Prep scale bulk resin—high-pressure applications

Resins/gels (packing media)

Hybrid Silica-Based Phases

YMC-Triart and YMC-Triart Prep are organic/inorganic hybrid silica packing materials for preparative separation.  Triart exhibits excellent durability, allowing for the effective cleaning of the gel with alkaline solution.  Due to the resin’s high level of mechanical stability, it can be packed into columns repeatedly.

YMC-Triart Prep resins are the first truly preparative scale hybrid phases available in large lot sizes.  YMC-Triart Prep Phenyl-S and Bio200 C8 are available in 10µm particle sizes, and YMC-Triart Prep C18-S and C8-S are available in 10, 15, and 20µm.

Chiral LC (NP/RP)

Preparative scale YMC CHIRAL ART is suitable both for the conventional column separations and also for dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns and simulated moving bed (SMB) systems. YMC CHIRAL bulk material is available in up to several hundred kilograms with YMC’s well-known high quality, reproducibility, and technical support.

Silica-Based Phases

YMC has achieved considerable improvements in the manufacture of its classical silica base. This has given rise to an improved generation of stationary phases with superior physical attributes: YMC*Gel High Grade (HG)-series.

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