Dilution & Blending

Precision blending and dilution of fluids used in the manufacture of drug products is an operation that is ubiquitous to the production of all therapeutics. Manual approaches to blending and dilution steps are a source of variability and the use of resources that could otherwise be deployed for operations that are more directly impactful to drug substance production.

With a deep understanding of the most robust and advanced hardware, sensors, and automation that results in consistent, accurate, and precise final blended solutions, YMC has long been an industry leader in the industry. Commonly, YMC provides systems with <0.5% accuracy and blend ratios of 100 to 1 or more. Offering both standard platforms and customized solutions, YMC can:

  • Automate complex dilution processes
  • Design for aqueous or solvent-based feedstocks
  • Minimize operator exposure to potential chemical hazards
  • Reduce labor costs associated with buffer preparation
  • Reduce the footprint of your tank farm by allowing the use of concentrates
  • Reduce CIP volume and waste
  • Increase scheduling flexibility by enabling the use of buffer concentrates in durable totes or single-use bags

Types of dilution systems

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