2023 Continuous Chromatography Workshop

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YMC America’s annual workshop will take place this year at our Insight Center in Devens, Massachusetts. We’ve added an advanced training session for those who have attended a previous workshop or just want to learn as much as possible in one week! You may attend either session or register for both at a discounted rate.

Session 1: Introduction to Continuous Chromatography
Includes training and hands-on experience with a continuous chromatography system
Dates: October 2-3, 2023

Session 2: Advanced Training
Dive deeper into techniques and optimization strategies, MCSGP, and N-Rich technology.
Dates: October 4-5, 2023

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Session 1 Agenda

Session 1: Introduction to Continuous Chromatography


Session 1, Day 1 (Monday)

  • Presentation: Introduction to Continuous Chromatography
    • Setup & system qualification of CUBE instrument
  • Lab Workshop: Setting up Continuous Chromatography
    • Introduction to the Contichrom CUBE system & software
    • Designing and running batch and MCSGP methods
  • Lab Workshop: Monitoring of Continuous Chromatography
    • Interpretation of online MCSGP data
    • Sampling of MCSGP
  • Presentation: Scale-up of Continuous Chromatography
    • Control of continuous chromatography
    • Scale-up
    • Regulatory Aspects

Session 1, Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Lab Workshop: Evaluation of Continuous Chromatography
    • ChromIQ Evaluation Center
  • Presentation: Evaluation of Continuous Chromatography
    • Performance metrics
    • Economic evaluation
  • Modeling of Continuous Chromatography
  • Presentation: Introduction to the N-Rich® process
  • Discussion of Results and Q&A
  • Tour of YMC America production facility
    *Note: This tour will be for individuals attending only Session 1.
    The tour for attendees of Session 2 (or both sessions) will be on Thursday.

Session 2 Agenda

Session 2: Advanced Continuous Chromatography Training


Session 2, Day 1 (Wednesday)

  • Presentation: Twin-column Process Optimization
  • Lab workshop: Loading Optimization for MCSGP
    • Introduce multiple development methodologies on the Contichrom CUBE
    • Design and run loading experiments
  • Presentation: Prep Methodology Profiling
    • Fraction collection and analysis
    • Using the Contichrom Wizard
  • Lab Workshop: Gradient Optimization for MCSGP
    • Design and run various gradient experiments for MCSGP
  • Presentation: Solvent Usage Minimization
  • Presentation: Evaluation Center Tips/Tricks
  • Group Dinner (provided by YMC)

Session 2, Day 2 (Thursday)

  • Presentation: Detector-Triggered Recycling and Collection
  • Lab Workshop: MCSGP
    • Design and run MCSGP methodology
  • Presentation: Contichrom CUBE Software
    • MCSGP process modeling and performance calculations
    • Explanation of method tables
    • Expert mode programming
  • Lab Workshop: MCSGP Data Review
  • Presentation: Related Topics
    • MCSGP scaling from CUBE to large-scale skids
    • N-Rich
  • Tour of YMC America production facility

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