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YMC Chiral ART Amylose-C Neo Analytical Guard Columns

New – Improved Amylose-C Chiral Phase

YMC Chiral ART Amylose-C Neo is an improved version of our coated Chiral ART Amylose-C chiral phase.  This upgraded phase exhibits improved resolution over our standard Amylose-C product for both HPLC and SFC separations. All phases are available in packed columns for analytical scale as well as bulk for preparative purification.

Amylose and Cellulose phases are available in two types:

  • Coated Phase – with familiar separation behavior.
  • Immobilized Phase – exhibits similar separation behavior, while broadening separation flexibility by enabling the use of a wider range of solvents.

Specifically, YMC Chiral Art Amylose-C Neo is a coated polysaccharide stationary phase (USP L51).  Guards for these columns are available in 3, 5, and 10µm particle sizes.


Analytical Guard Cartridges: Features & Benefits

YMC’s Guard Column Cartridge Systems for HPLC accept cartridges of 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0mm analytical-guard-columnsinner diameters – in either 10mm or 20mm lengths.  Cartridges are available with a comprehensive selection including all stationary phase chemistries offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the analytical column.  Assembly is tool-free, simplifying cartridge replacement.

YMC Guard Column Cartridges require the use of a holder, P/N: XPGCHP1 for 10mm length and P/N: XPGCHP2 for 20mm length.

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