200Å C4 Stationary Phase for Protein/Peptide Analysis

YMC-Pack PROTEIN-RP is a reversed-phase stationary phase utilizing a silica gel base.  It is a 200Å, C4 phase specifically designed for the separation of proteins and peptides.  Typical problems associated with conventional reversed-phase columns with short alkyl chain lengths are minimized.  Robust column lifetime and excellent recovery of hydrophobic proteins are typically possible using this specialty phase.


YMC-Pack C4: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Silica
Stationary Phase: C4 (USP L26)
Particle Size: 5µm
Pore Size: 200Å
Carbon Load: 4%
Bonding: Monomeric
Endcapping: Yes
pH Range: 1.5-7.5

Traditional C4 columns typically exhibit losses in retention rather quickly when used under acidic conditions, especially when using TFA.  This is caused by cleavage of butyl groups from the packing material due to acid hydrolysis.  This is not an issue with YMC-Pack PROTEIN-RP due to its lower pH limit of 1.5.

  • Improved recovery of proteins and peptides
  • Improved durability when used with eluents containing TFA
  • Useful for high molecular-weight proteins

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