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YMC’s New Rapid Impurity Amplification

YMC America is a leading supplier of services, consumables and systems for the bio and pharmaceutical market, such as molecular separation resins and lab to prep scale systems. We have expanded our lab services offerings to include the N-Rich technique, which is a tool capable of amplifying minute impurities contained in drug therapies. This automated technique has already been available using the Contichrom CUBE instrument for a long time, but YMC America will now offer it as a contract service.

With the N-Rich technique, institutions will be capable of both isolating impurities to analyze them as well as amplifying and purifying said impurities. By implementing this technique, organizations can save time usually spent manually isolating impurities so their staff can manage more important tasks. Regardless of how challenging the separations are or how low their concentration is, the N-Rich technique can isolate impurities in the circumstances once thought impossible, allowing more studies to take place than were previously possible. As a result, this tool’s impurity amplification can be utilized during drug development and regulatory documentation efforts. Our N-Rich service is available for oligonucleotide, peptide, and protein solutions, and the expected turnaround time is around several weeks with pricing favorable compared to conventional isolation and amplification services

There are numerous applications for N-Rich technology to isolate impurities. Some of these applications include:

  • Individual isolation and enrichment of antibody isoforms in a timely manner.
  • Targeting product-related impurities from a synthetic peptide.
  • And countless more applications that can benefit an institution’s regulatory obligations as pertains to impurity idenfication 

When our N-Rich services are complete after a few weeks, we will deliver a vial of the concentrated impurities. With this sample, organizations can conduct additional studies and identification to document their findings and methodology for regulatory authorities or in-house reporting.

Those who have utilized N-Rich techniques in their operations have experienced many benefits beyond the quicker and automated system. Three of the numerous advantages include the following:

  • Enhanced characterization of charge variants upon analysis of the enriched samples.
  • Efficient enrichment of protein samples thanks to the multi-column chromatography.
  • Easily identifying post-translational modifications using the enriched samples.

We at the YMC Group provide a considerable range of chromatography resins, columns, and services to our clients. As a result, we can grant molecule researchers and manufacturers, both small and large, access to a full complement of resources. With these tools by their side, they will be able to facilitate the cost-effective creation of the next generation of drugs. 

As our expansion of services and capabilities in America continues to grow, we will build our global leadership role in the technological development of continuous separation and purification devices for the global YMC group.

If you wish to learn more about our other bio and pharmaceutical services and how they can assist your organization’s research and development, contact YMC America today for more information.