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YMC America Relocation FAQ


This is simply a site change for inventory and accounting to another YMC owned facility. All products and key staff will remain. The new shipping / billing information is:
YMC America, Inc.
8 Charlestown Street,
Devens, MA 01545 USA
Same Email:
Same Phone: 610-266-8650 or Toll Free: 1-888- 341-8380

Why did YMC decide to move this business?

The growth of YMC in the Americas region has accelerated, and the acquisition of significant new facilities presented an opportunity to increase capacity in both footprint and support resources. The move is seen as securing a larger, more robust site to house the distribution and growth of all YMC products.

How will this move impact customers?

The move is expected to be seamless for customers as the Company anticipates no delays in shipping due to the change in location. The inventory transfer is planned to be completed over a weekend. Systems and records for product management and billing are being transferred electronically to existing departments within the Devens facility.

Will my account manager change?

The present YMC America field sales team will remain and will be enhanced by the addition of the current YMC Process Technologies commercial team. The two sales teams will be cross trained to provide support for both consumables and capital equipment.

Is there an E-mail or phone change?

No. Contact information such as phone and e-mail addresses will remain unchanged.

Will there be a name change?

No. Not for YMC America. However, the YMC Process Technologies (the former LEWA Process Technologies acquired by YMC in 2019) will eventually assume the name YMC America, Inc. and operate as the Process Technologies Group of YMC America, Inc.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the change?

Please contact the Sales Director, Wayne Nettnay (
or contact:

What is the purpose of the new lab building?

Contract methods development, feasibility studies, product demonstration and training of YMC technologies will be carried out in this 3,580 ft2 (330 m2) recently acquired facility which is just adjacent to the YMC Devens 32,000 ft2 (2,900 m2) manufacturing and inventory facility. As a separate building dedicated to bench and pilot scale purification technologies, customers can exploit the state-of-the-art facility for short or longer term studies and hands-on training.
Capacity to test small QC columns through larger pilot scale systems (up to 1 LPM) is a unique capability previously not consolidated under one roof at YMC America.
Additionally, a controlled environment is included in this building for the final assembly and QC of YMC’s Contichrom CUBE FPLC bench top systems.

Can you tell me about YMC?

Founded in 1980, YMC is a technology and services supplier to the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry. YMC employs over 500 people focused on technologies to support the development and production of drug therapies in all major global geographies.

YMC is a privately held, growth-oriented company with a balanced consumables, hardware, and services strategy. The Company offers a proven and robust portfolio of liquid chromatography media, columns, and systems for both research and production scale applications. More at:

YMC logo and YMC Triart are registered marks of YMC Co. Ltd.
ChromaCon, Contichrom, ChromIQ and CaptureSMB are registered marks of YMC ChromaCon AG.

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