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Lab Scale Glass Columns

YMC’s laboratory scale glass columns, featuring a range of inner diameters from 5 mm to 80 mm and lengths from 120 mm to 1000 mm, are designed for a broad spectrum of chromatography applications. The ECO series is optimized for use with almost all types of soft gels and medium pressure liquid chromatography, while the ECOPLUS series caters to both medium and high-pressure applications, facilitating higher flow rates or the use of RP media. The HT Glass Columns extend our offerings to include high-temperature applications, providing perfect temperature control along with easy operation and handling.

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ECO Glass Column

ECO Columns

ECO glass columns are a versatile product, accommodating a broad spectrum of soft gels and offering medium pressure capabilities (5–30 bar, depending on ID). With a choice of one or two adjustable length pistons, ECO columns are available in two forms: AB (aqueous buffer) for use with aqueous buffers and cold room applications, and SR (solvent resistant) for all forms of normal and reversed phase chromatography. Precision-engineered through high-precision CNC techniques and enhanced with a user-friendly screw-lock system for swift operation, each column undergoes rigorous pressure testing to ensure reliability.


  • Easy handling and self-packing
  • Compatible with any LC system
  • For use with all types of soft gels

ECO glass columns

ECO Specifications

ECO Specs Chart

ECO Solvents chart


ECOPLUS Glass Columns are crafted for precision in medium to high-pressure liquid chromatography, supporting pressures up to 80 bar. They are versatile tools for normal phase, reversed phase, and biochromatography applications with configurations available for aqueous buffer (AB) and solvent resistant (SR) applications.

The innovative quick-lock system ensures easy operation and maintenance, while Teflon chevrons (in SR versions) and O-rings (in AB versions) provide reliable sealing options tailored to the specific requirements of each version. Offering a selection of piston combinations for flexible bed lengths and volumes, ECOPLUS columns are manufactured with high-precision CNC technology, ensuring top-notch quality and performance for every type of chromatographic analysis. Whether for advanced research or routine testing, ECOPLUS Glass Columns deliver unparalleled adaptability and precision.


  • Increased throughput
  • Easy assembly with Quick-Lock system
  • High reproducibility due to calibrated glass body

EcoPLUS Diagram

ECOPLUS Specifications

ECOPLUS Specs Chart

ECOPLUS Solvents

YMC HT Columns

YMC HT Glass Columns are specially designed to accommodate the stringent requirements of high-temperature liquid chromatography applications. Capable of performing efficiently at temperatures up to 70° C, these columns are perfectly suited for a broad spectrum of purification tasks, particularly in biochemical liquid chromatography (BioLC), where high temperatures are pivotal. The glass tempering jacket integrated into each column ensures precise temperature management, leading to consistent and dependable chromatographic outcomes.

Engineered for adaptability, HT Glass Columns are compatible with all standard separation modes including normal phase, reversed phase, and ion-exchange chromatography, and can be used with a wide array of resins. This makes them an essential tool for scientists and technicians conducting high-temperature separations. Featuring straightforward operation and robust construction for enduring use at elevated temperatures, the HT series stands as a premier solution for sophisticated chromatographic analyses.


  • Broad temperature range from 4 – 70 °C
  • Borosilicate glass jacket
  • Easy handling and column packing
  • Optimal flow distribution
  • Full resin compatibility

HT Diagram

HT Specifications

HT Specs Charts

HT Solvents

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