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Guards can be used to extend column life by providing protection from pressure shock, artifacts of sample prep, and impurities. YMC offers multiple types of guards for compatibility with our various column hardware options.

YMC’s guard cartridge systems consist of a reusable holder and a disposable cartridge column that can be easily replaced without the use of tools. They are available in nearly every stationary phase in our catalog to ensure compatibility between the guard and the column. Guard cartridges are an economical choice and are available in formats compatible with multiple hardware types in capillary, analytical, and up to 30 mm ID preparative sizes.

YMC also offers guard columns for use with larger analytical columns through 50 mm ID preparative columns. These do not use a holder, but they do require a small jumper made from either stainless steel or PEEK tubing in order to connect them to the inlet of the column.

Guard Cartridge Specifications

Capillary (< 1 mm ID)

  • Use with a column coupler for challenging matrices.
  • Use without a coupler for desalting or trap and elute procedures.

A custom-made stainless steel column coupler is supplied with every pack of three capillary guard cartridges to guarantee the optimum connection with low dead volume. Couplers can also be purchased separately.

Part # Ending Capillary (< 1 mm ID)
Fittings 1/16″ 1/32″
IDs 0.3, 0.5 mm
Lengths 5 mm
Max. Pressure 2, 3, 5 μm resin: 550 bar
1.9 μm resin: 600 bar
Port Depth 2.0 mm (0.08″) 1.1 mm (0.045″)
Coupler Part # XRCP1601E-1PK XRCP3201E-1PK
Capillary guard cartridge

Guard cartridge

1/16” coupler

1/16” coupler
(P/N XRCP1601E-1PK)

1/32” coupler

1/32” coupler
(P/N XRCP3201E-1PK)

Analytical (1 – 8 mm ID)

Analytical guard cartridges are available for HPLC (3 μm particle size & above) and UHPLC (1.9 μm particle size) columns. All cartridges require a reusable holder, which is sold separately.

YMC’s HPLC guard cartridges and holders are ideal for columns with inner diameters of 2.0 – 4.6 mm and are compatible with column part numbers ending in WT or PTH.

The UHPLC guard cartridges can be used with 1.9 μm YMC-Triart columns.

HPLC Specifications
Part # Ending GC
Type HPLC (3 μm particle size & above)
IDs (mm) 2.1, 3.0, 4.0
Lengths (mm) 10, 20
Max. Pressure 550 bar
Port Depth adjustable
Holder Part # XPGCHP1 (10 mm length guard)
XPGCHP2 (20 mm length guard)
UHPLC Specifications
Part # Ending CC
Type UHPLC (1.9 μm particle size)
IDs (mm) 2.1, 3.0
Lengths (mm) 5
Max. Pressure 1,000 bar
Port Depth adjustable
Holder Part # XPCHUHP
Analytical Guard Cartridge and Holder

HPLC Guard Cartridge (GC) and Holder

UHPLC Guard Holder


UHPLC Guard Cartridge

UHPLC Guard Cartridge (CC)

Preparative (10 mm ID +)

YMC provides guard cartridges that are compatible with both conventional and YMC-Actus preparative hardware (column part numbers ending with WT and WX).

Part # Ending Preparative (10 mm ID & larger)
IDs 10 mm 20, 30 mm
Length 10 mm
Max. Pressure 300 bar
Port Depth 3.3 mm (0.13”), 1/6”
Holder Part # XPCHSPW1 XPGHFSP20ID (20 mm ID)
XPGHFSP30ID (30 mm ID)

10 mm ID Guard Cartridge (CC) and (30 mm ID) Holder


20 / 30 mm ID Guard Cartridge (CCN) and Holder

Guard Column Specifications

YMC’s Guard Columns for HPLC are available for most classic YMC resins.

Part # Ending WFG WTG DRG ARG
ID (mm) 4, 5 8 10 20 30 50
Length (mm) 10 30 50 50
Connection Ferruled Port Depth: 3.3 mm (0.13″), 1/16″ Flanged, 1/8″ female nut Flanged, 1/16″ male nut

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