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YMC Single Column HPLC

HPLC Systems—the Standard for Modern API Purification

For decades, the use of HPLC systems with single-column designs has been the go-to platform for the purification of small-molecule pharmaceuticals. The engineering inherent in the YMC HPLC designs is lauded for the precision and accuracy by which they purify target molecules. Built for industrial GMP use from pilot scale to over 66 LPM, these units are available in both cost-efficient basic standard designs as well as robust designs custom engineered to nearly any end-user requirement or regulatory standard.

With over 40 years in the HPLC market as a pioneer and technology innovator, single-column batch chromatography systems are at the core of YMC’s business. Complete solutions, including DAC columns and a wide range of exclusive packing chemistries, assure the user of a single source for optimum chromatographic purification.

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