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Actus SP Columns

Prepacked preparative HPLC columns with spring-assisted axial compression technology

Prepacked YMC-Actus SP columns are an ideal alternative to DAC columns when lab space, packing capabilities, or financial resources are limited. Spring-assisted axial compression technology eliminates voids in the packing material for accurate, reproducible results. Since columns packed by YMC are QC tested prior to shipping, they’ll arrive at your lab ready for use.

YMC’s Actus SP columns are ideal for oligonucleotide desalting and highly potent, toxic, or radioactive projects. Hazardous compounds often require dedicated systems and hardware, rendering traditional DAC columns impractical. Prepacked Actus SP columns eliminate the need to spend time and resources ensuring that a column has been sufficiently cleaned, packed, and validated for re-use.


Available IDs 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 300, 450 mm
Column Bed Length Up to 250 mm
Max Pressure 1450 psi / 100 bar
Filter SUS316L sintered wire mesh, nominal 2 μm
Piston Movement Spring Axial Compression
Wetted Materials SUS316, SUS316L, PTFE
Piping/Connection Swagelok tube fittings
Installation Environment 10 – 40 ⁰C, ≤ 50% RH
Interior Column Finish Honing & electrochemical polishing Ra ≤ 0.4 μm for inner surface

Actus SP Highlights

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Choosing Your Resin

YMC-Actus SP columns are typically packed with YMC-Triart Prep C18-S resin; however, they can also be packed with your choice of YMC or other manufacturers’ resins. View the resources below to help you choose the best resin for your column.

YMC Purification Resins Overview

A specification table for YMC’s preparative chromatography resins
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YMC-Triart Prep Brochure

A comprehensive look at YMC’s hybrid silica based stationary phases for prep LC
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YMC*Gel HG Series Brochure

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Part Number ID (mm)* Stand
TAS12S11-2581DY-T 80 Tripod Stand
TAS12S11-2581DY-W 80 Wheeled Stand
TAS12S11-25A1DY 100 Wheeled Stand
TAS12S11-25B1EY 150 Wheeled Stand
TAS12S11-25C1EY 200 Wheeled Stand
TAS12S11-25D1TY 300 Wheeled Stand
* 150 mm ID and above are not available in Europe.

The part numbers listed are for the most common column sizes packed with 10 µm, 120 Å YMC-Triart Prep C18-S.

For a quote for these configurations or for alternate dimensions and resins, please reach out to your local YMC America rep or fill out our contact form.

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