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YMC Single Column LPLC

Custom Single-Column / Batch Chromatography System for LPLC

YMC offers pre-engineered, configurable platform LPLCs as well as custom-designed systems that are engineered to each customer’s specific needs. Our systems are fabricated to ASME/ BPE standards and comply with most regional standards (e.g., UL, CE, CSA, etc.).

Our control systems are PLC-based and enable use in GMP environments via our in-house software or as custom systems adaptable to third-party software (e.g., Emerson DeltaV).

Full customer-guided FAT services in our manufacturing facility as well as on-site support are available.

YMC Single Column LPLC

Buffer Dilution and Digital Control

YMC’s exclusive on-board buffer in-line dilution (BID) option allows our LPLC Systems to alleviate cleanroom space constrictions. With the ability to perform the role of two conventional systems, the advanced design reduces cost and minimizes the footprint.

The integrated in-line buffer dilution option that generates point-of-use buffer from concentrates further reduces capital and operating expense and lowers buffer tank space.

Unlock Superior Analytical Performance With YMC LPLC

YMC leverages a long history of fluid engineering and intellectual property in the advanced, customized solutions we provide for our customers. The digitization that allows precise metering of feed and buffers has allowed the YMC Single Column LPLC to enhance yield, quality, and reproducibility.

Our standard and customized solutions deliver several key capabilities:

  • Analytical performance at pilot and process scale
  • Single skid systems that offer the flow range (capacity) of two competitive systems
  • Unmatched accuracy and reproducibility
  • Flexibility in processing/automation control with customer adaptable PLC-based software and DeltaV options
  • Unique on-board Buffer In-line Dilution options
  • Reduced footprint by up to 66%

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