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Biocompatible Columns

YMC provides two types of column hardware for bioseparations and coordination compounds. These columns suppress interactions between analytes and metals in the column inner surface and frits. The result is improved peak shape, high sensitivities, and excellent recoveries without the need for column preconditioning. Our biocompatible columns are also ideal for highly sensitive LC/MS analyses.

YMC-Accura products have received a thick application of bioinert coating on the inner column and frits. Our PEEK-lined columns have a double-layered structure that consists of a PEEK-lined inner surface with PEEK frits and a stainless steel outer tube.


YMC Accura Columns PEEK-lined Columns
Available Resins YMC-Triart (all bonded analytical chemistries)
BioPro IEX SF / QF
YMC-Triart (all bonded analytical chemistries)
YMC-Pack Diol
Column Hardware Stainless steel with bioinert coating (all wetted parts including frits) PEEK-lined stainless steel column with PEEK frits
Available IDs* 2.1, 4.6 2.1, 4.6
Available Lengths* 50, 100, 150, 250 50, 100, 150
Port Depth 2.0 mm (0.08″) 2.0 mm (0.08″)

*not all combinations of ID and length are available.

YMC-Accura: Bioinert Coating

YMC-Accura hardware has been proven to deliver significantly higher sensitivity and recovery when compared to the same resin packed in a standard stainless steel column.

Accura sensitivity and recovery

To demonstrate the robust nature of the coating, a YMC-Accura column was packed multiple times and analyzed with a Scanning Electron Microscope. (The top portion of the SEM image is bare steel for comparison.)

The durable bioinert coating remains on the column wall even after multiple packings.

Accura SEM

PEEK-lined Columns

In the study below, the PEEK-lined column delivered improved peak shape and detected an additional peak that was not shown with the standard stainless steel column.

Biocompatible Column Availability

View individual product pages to learn more about the available resins packed in YMC-Accura or PEEK-lined columns or select column options to purchase.

The part numbers for YMC-Accura columns end in “PTC”
The part numbers for PEEK-lined columns end in “PTP”

Product Name Available Hardware Type
YMC-Triart C18 Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart C18 ExRS Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart Bio C18 Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart C8 Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart Bio C4 Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart Phenyl Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart PFP Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC Accura & PEEK-lined
YMC-BioPro IEX SF Accura
YMC-BioPro IEX QF Accura
YMC-Pack Diol PEEK-lined

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