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Pilot Scale Glass Columns

YMC offers two distinct glass column lines tailored for pilot and production scale chromatography with inner diameters ranging from 70 mm to 300 mm and lengths between 500 mm and 850 mm.

Engineered for versatility, YMC Pilot glass columns accommodate a wide array of chromatography techniques, including normal phase, reversed phase, and biochemical liquid chromatography (BioLC).

The YMC PilotPLUS glass columns elevate the standard with complete biocompatibility and ease of use throughout the packing, operating, and unpacking processes. Ideal for all common liquid chromatography applications, our Pilot and PilotPLUS series provide robust solutions for scaling up your chromatographic analyses with precision and reliability.

Read more about pilot scale glass columns below or fill out a quote request form. We’ll send you pricing for the best column configuration based on your needs.

Save time and resources by allowing us to pack your glass columns for you! Be sure to ask about our optional packing services when requesting your quote.

YMC Pilot Columns

YMC Pilot Glass Columns, designed for pilot and production scale liquid chromatography, offer unparalleled versatility for handling both organic solvents (SR version) and aqueous buffers (AB version). These columns excel in a variety of separation modes, including normal phase, reversed phase, and ion exchange chromatography.

With the ability to accommodate custom dimensions upon request, YMC Pilot Glass Columns are tailored to meet the specific demands of your applications. Featuring easy operation and fast maintenance, these columns are also available with a heating/cooling jacket for temperature-sensitive applications, ensuring consistent performance under varying conditions. Whether you’re looking for standard or custom solutions, YMC Pilot Glass Columns provide the flexibility and reliability needed for advanced chromatographic work.


  • Full resin compatibility
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Can be customized to meet your needs

Pilot Diagram

YMC Pilot Specifications

Pilot Specs Chart

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Pilot Solvents

YMC PilotPLUS Columns

YMC PilotPLUS glass columns set a new benchmark for biocompatibility and efficiency in liquid chromatography. Designed for seamless packing and unpacking, these columns feature innovative solutions that simplify the workflow. The unique drain function and inclined surface design facilitate bubble-free piston insertion, enhancing the packing process’s efficiency and precision. With a focus on user-friendly operation, the columns’ removable body enables quick maintenance and cleaning, ensuring minimal downtime and maximized productivity. The advanced sealing and frit fixation system not only simplifies the assembly but also optimizes the flow path for even sample distribution, leading to superior chromatographic results.

Engineered for robustness and versatility, PilotPLUS columns embody the ideal blend of safety, ease of use, and performance.


  • Fully biocompatible
  • Easy unpacking and cleaning
  • Excellent column performance

PilotPLUS Diagram

YMC PilotPLUS Specifications

Pilot Specs Chart

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PilotPLUS Solvents

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