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Axial Compression Columns

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) columns are widely used for preparative separation at pilot or production scale. The axial compression technology results in the uniform high-density packing that is necessary for highly efficient and stable HPLC columns.

YMC offers multiple product lines that apply this technology.

YMC-Actus SP

Spring-assisted Axial Compression Columns

  • Spring-assisted technology eliminates voids
  • 50 – 450 mm ID columns available, 250 mm length
  • Can be packed and QC tested prior to shipping with YMC or other manufacturers’ resins
  • Ideal alternative to DAC columns when lab space or packing capabilities are limited
YMC-Actus® SP

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns

  • Automated self-packing columns for lab, pilot, and industrial scale
  • Constant pressurization prevents voids in packing material
  • 50 – 1000 mm ID configurations available
  • Optional slurry container for added hygiene and safety
Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns

YMC-Actus® Preparative HPLC Columns

  • Standard column IDs: 20, 30, and 50 mm
  • Available in 50 – 250 mm lengths
  • YMC stationary phases: YMC-Triart, CHIRAL ART, and reversed phase classics
Actus Columns

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