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(U)HPLC Column Formats

YMC offers HPLC columns with inner diameters ranging from .075 to 300 mm, UHPLC columns, and biocompatible hardware.

If you know the type of column you need, select the option below to learn more about our product availability.

UHPLC (< 2 µm resin)

The YMC-Triart family of columns and resins consists of a variety of chemistries for multiple modes of separation and is available in 1.9 µm particle size.

Capillary (< 1 mm ID)

YMC capillary columns are specially designed for rapid high-resolution gradient chromatography to meet the requirements of microLC/nanoLC.

Preparative (10 - 300 mm ID)

Our standard preparative hardware range includes columns and guards with an inner diameter of 10 – 50 mm for most phases, with some available in 70 – 300 mm ID.

Biocompatible Hardware

YMC provides two types of hardware for bioseparations and coordination compounds: PEEK-lined stainless steel and stainless steel with bioinert surface coating.


Guards can be used to extend column life by providing protection from pressure shock, artifacts of sample prep, and impurities. YMC offers multiple types of guards for compatibility with our various column hardware options in capillary, analytical, and preparative sizes.

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