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Lab/Bench Scale Systems

YMC Contichrom® CUBE

For Batch & Continuous Chromatography

The Contichrom CUBE is a continuous chromatography development system with integrated dynamic process control functions. It offers unique capabilities for mastering complex separations using our proprietary twin-column processes and user-friendly software.

There are five functionalities built into the CUBE system:

  • CaptureSMB® – YMC’s optimized two-column periodic countercurrent chromatography process for biologics.
  • MCSGP® – Multicolumn Countercurrent Solvent Gradient Purification process for peptides and oligonucleotides.
  • N-Rich® – an automated multistep process that is run by the Contichrom CUBE system providing mg quantities of a desired compound at high purity.
  • Standard batch (single column) chromatography
  • Integrated batch chromatography (e.g. two polishing steps in series)
Contichrom CUBE

ChromIQ software

Operating Software for Contichrom Preparative Chromatography Equipment

ChromIQ is designed to allow users to operate the equipment without expert knowledge of the underlying processes. This is done through an interface where the process input templates are filled out by the operator, showing immediately the process output data. In this way, the right process can be designed before it is run.

ChromIQ uses pre-programmed software modules for easy operation. These wizard modules support different processes and process control functions, depending on the Contichrom product. The wizards also help to convert conventional batch processes to more efficient twin-column countercurrent processes.

ChromIQ software

Dynamic process control tools such as AutomAb and AutoPeak keep CaptureSMB and MCSGP processes at an optimal set point during steady-state operation.

ChromIQ also has an expert operating mode for deeper control and autonomous programming. This function is deactivated by default and can be activated.

The software contains all essential elements for 21CFR part 11 compliance:

  • Predefined user groups, administrators, R&D, and production users
  • Rights management for individual user groups
  • User accounts are password protected
  • Logging with timestamp and username (cannot be deleted)
  • Electronic signature with checksum of log and measurement files
ChromIQ Evaluation Center


We offer and recommend useful accessories to our Contichrom systems, helping to facilitate chromatographic operations:

  • The Teledyne Isco Foxy R1 fraction collector
  • The Teledyne Isco Foxy R2 fraction collector with expanded racks
  • A sample loading system with valves and loops for precise injection of small samples (500 µL-20 mL)
  • A screening valve system for rapid discovery of ideal chromatography conditions
  • Optional preparative flow cells for external detectors
  • Optional external variable wavelength detectors (190-500 nm)
  • Optional external variable multi-wavelength detectors (190-700 nm)
  • A cooling cabinet that can accommodate the R1 fraction collector as well as feed and buffer bottles
  • A re-usable transport box for each the CUBE and the CUBE+ modules
Lab/Bench Scale System Accessories

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