MacroSep IEX Q

Anion Exchange Resin for Purification of Large Biomolecules

Ion exchange chromatography is an ideal technique for purifying biomolecules with high productivity. As the target substances become larger, the demands on process resins are changing. YMC has developed a new and innovative resin to target large biomolecules and particles such as adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), protein complexes, and plasmid DNA (pDNA): MacroSep IEX Q!

This new strong anion exchange resin offers an optimized macro-porous structure that ensures efficient purification of these molecules. With its high binding capacity for large particles and molecules and high separation efficiency even at elevated flow rates, MacroSep IEX Q is a perfect addition to DSP platforms.

Features & Specifications

Matrix methacrylate-based hydrophilic porous polymer
Charged Group -R-N+(CH3)3
Particle Size 30 µm
Pore Size 900 nm
pH Range 2 – 12
Pressure Limit 2 MPa (for regular use)
3 MPa (upper limit)
Temperature 4 – 60 °C
Ion Exchange Capacity >0.08 meq/mL-resin
Dynamic Binding Capacity 30 mg/mL-Resin (Thyroglobulin)
  • Macro-porous structure for the separation of large biomolecules such as AAVs
  • Strong anion exchanger providing high dynamic binding capacity (DBC)
  • Ideal particle size (30 µm) for efficient purifications at improved resolution
  • High resolution even at increased flow rate

Separation of Large Biomolecules

With MacroSep IEX Q, large biomolecules and viral particles are efficiently purified. This application shows the separation of full and empty AAV – a challenging separation task with high demands on resolution and recovery. With MacroSep IEX Q both species are separated efficiently.

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