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Dynamic Axial Compression Columns (DACs)

YMC provides dynamic axial compression columns suited for laboratory, pilot, and industrial scale. These automated self-packing columns allow for an easy, cost-effective refill of packing material that results in a column bed yielding superior durability and reproducibility. Our DAD series operates using a downward-driving piston that maintains constant pressure on the bed during use and also simplifies packing and unpacking.


  • Cost-effectiveness increased with self-packing
  • Superior column performance, durability, and reproducibility provided by constant pressurization (Axial Compression Technology)
  • Optional slurry container permits hygienic automated packing procedures
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Compatible with IQ/OQ and explosion-proof operation
DAD Series


DAD Diagram

Column Performance

This data shows repacking data obtained by using a 50 mm ID DAC column.

After repacking the column seven times, “plates/m” and “Tf” values are still as good as in the initial state.

DAC Performance

Seamless Scale-up

The chromatography on the right hand side shows a scale-up example from an analytical 4.6 mm I.D. column to a 50 mm I.D. DAC column.

This indicates that the very similar separation pattern of analytical scale is also reproducible at the preparative scale.

Seamless Scale-up


All columns are 700 mm in length with a 100 – 400 mm bed length

Model Number Maximum Pressure (MPa) Inner Diameter (mm) Slurry Container Model Number2 Detailed Specs Sheet
DAD-50 10 50 SC-2-20 DAD50_E
DAD-100 10 100 SC-10-20SA DAD100_E
DAD-150 10 150 SC-22-20 DAD150_E
DAD-200 10 200 SC-30-20 DAD200_E
DAD-300 10 300 SC-80-45 DAD300_E
DAD-4501 71 450 SC-140-45 DAD450_E
DAD-600 7 600 SC-300-135 DAD600_E
DAD-800 7 800 Inquire DAD800_E
DAD-1000 5 1000 Inquire DAD1000_E
1 DAD-450 with pressure limit 10 MPa is also available.
2 Slurry containers are optional.

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