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Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

At YMC, we provide many choices for mAb-related separations. Some examples:

  • Triart Bio C4 is used for reversed phase separations of intact mAbs and other large proteins.
  • YMC BioPro HIC BF is a new phase ideal for separation of antibody drug conjugates by hydrophobic interaction (HIC).
  • YMC BioPro Ion Exchange columns are useful for mAb charge variant analysis.

Of course, these columns are not restricted to these applications; and these applications are not restricted to these columns… and we’d be happy to help you sort out the best choice for your specific application(s). Continue reading

Preparing for PREP 2019: Come see YMC America!

If you are planning on attending PREP 2019 – the Prep Symposium – in Baltimore (July 7-10), please put YMC America on your agenda – we are in Booth 7 – on the left, immediately inside the exhibit and poster entrance.

PREP 2019 is a great place for one-on-one discussions of application wishes and challenges; and, of course, we’re always interested to provide an update on what’s new at YMC for prep. Continue reading

Are You Interested in New LC Applications?

YMC has recently collaborated with LCGC to publish their latest application notes of interest. Use the link below; browse the list of app notes; and choose the items you wish to view/download.

Summary of App Notes Available in this set:

  1. PEEK-lined C18 Columns for Separation of Coordination Compounds
  2. Reversed Phase Peptide Mapping Using 1.9µm YMC-Triart C18 and 2.7µm YMC Meteoric Core C18 BIO
  3. SEC Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies – impact of pore size, particle size and column geometry
  4. Cannabinoid Separations by C18 – results obtained with hybrid particle phase and core-shell phase

View the list here.

YMC Acquires Zurich Based ChromaCon Business

YMC Co., Ltd. has acquired all shares in ChromaCon AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and executed the transfer of 100% shares in the Company on April 1, 2019.

ChromaCon has a portfolio of proprietary continuous chromatography technologies and markets laboratory scale separation/purification systems utilizing these technologies globally. ChromaCon technology has pioneered twin-column purification that drastically increases productivity in both large (biopharmaceutical) and small (pharmaceutical) molecule manufacturing as well as significantly reduces operational cost.

YMC and ChromaCon have already built and maintained a strategic business alliance with YMC being an exclusive distributor of ChromaCon’s lab-scale systems in Japan and India. ChromaCon had also licensed technologies to YMC Process Technologies (“YPT”) (Devens MA, USA) for GMP production scale equipment. YMC completed its acquisition of YPT from LEWA-Nikkiso America December 2018. YPT develops and manufactures scale-up separation systems for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

With ChromaCon joining the YMC Group, YMC has now a fully integrated organization (YMC, ChromaCon and YPT) leading the development and commercialization of continuous separation/purification systems for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries from lab to production scale (GMP) manufacturing.

Moreover, the YMC Group provides a range of chromatography resins, columns and services which enable manufacturers to access a full complement of resources to facilitate the cost- effective production of next generation drugs.

YMC At TIDES 2019 in San Diego

YMC America
Oligonucleotides and Peptides

One thing that oligonucleotides and peptides have in common is that they both end in the letters “t-i-d-e-s” … and the conversation about “-tides” begins at TIDES – this year in San Diego.

TIDES bills itself as the “World’s Largest Meeting to Accelerate Oligonucleotide and Peptide Products from Early Discovery to Late-Stage Development & Commercialization.”

At this year’s TIDES meeting, held May 20-23 in San Diego, visitors will join over 1000 oligonucleotide and peptide professionals.  YMC will be among over 100 exhibiting companies.

We welcome your questions about our company and, of course, your separation challenges. By now, you probably already know that YMC offers stationary phases, columns, and hardware solutions for LC at any scale, using virtually any mode and material type, including hardware solutions from our new team at YMC Process Technologies (YPT) in Devens MA, USA (formerly LEWA-Nikkiso America).

So, please stop by and say HELLO. All of us at YMC would like to meet you.

For more information. Email;  call 888-341-8380.

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