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YMC’s New Rapid Impurity Amplification

YMC America is a leading supplier of services, consumables and systems for the bio and pharmaceutical market, such as molecular separation resins and lab to prep scale systems. We have expanded our lab services offerings to include the N-Rich technique, which is a tool capable of amplifying minute impurities contained in drug therapies. This automated technique has already been available using the Contichrom CUBE instrument for a long time, but YMC America will now offer it as a contract service.

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YMC America logo on a truck filled with chromatography products.

We’re Making Moves To Serve You Better

YMC America just completed the combination and expansion of our US operations at our YMC campus in Devens, MA.

This puts our columns and stationary phase team under the same roof (actually, several roofs) with the research, design, and manufacturing teams of our large-scale purification systems.

What does this mean for you?

Our bigger facility means more inventory, better service, and expanded resources. The new facility complies with ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

We are also expanding our laboratory services to include more testing, training, and support, with new labs in Devens and Thousand Oaks, CA.

Read the complete announcement about our recent moves here.

YMC 5 Year Vision

YMC’s Corporate Vision was recently articulated by YMC President Ryuji Yamamura, and published in an issue of Newsweek International.

In the article, Mr. Yamamura points out that, “… the greatest strength of YMC’s business model is that we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers a platform that allows them to determine which packing materials, which devices/system/instruments, and which methods can be applied to achieve maximum production efficiency.”

The article can be found here.