YMC-BioPro IEX Columns & Bulk Resin

Lab to GMP scale continuous chromatography

Continuous capture chromatography as part of an integrated downstream purification platform for mAbs

Affinity Capture of F(ab’)2 Fragments: Using Twin-Column Countercurrent Chromatography

Optimal model-based design of the twin-column CaptureSMB process improves capacity utilization and productivity in protein A affinity capture

Scale-Up of Twin-Column Periodic Counter-Current Chromatography for MAb Purification

Virus clearance and carryover study on twin-column (continuous chromatography) system

CaptureSMB for the continuous purification of mAbs with high productivity and load

Hybrid Approach to Continuous Downstream Biomanufacturing

Case studies – customer data from CaptureSMB experiences of twin-column system