Small Molecule (Pharmaceuticals)

Pharmaceuticals (small molecules) are the foundation for modern medicines. Molecules of low molecular weight, these medicines are relatively simple in structure and chemically synthesized. They are well tolerated when administered orally, making them easy to administer. Though these molecules are simple in structure and synthesis, a great deal of care in purification and subsequent final formulation is required. YMC products have been purifying small molecules for over 40 years.

Chromatography with YMC’s vast range of packing materials has been the go-to process for both analytical work and production purification for the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. From micrograms to kilo quantities, YMC is known for product consistency and purity. Beyond phases (packing materials) and columns, YMC offers HPLC systems in standard and custom configurations. These bench and prep scale systems are designed for operation in hazardous environments and conform to local regulatory guidelines.

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