Vaccines—the silent protectors

Vaccines have revolutionized the control of virus-borne communicable diseases, from polio to COVID-19 to hepatitis A. Modern vaccine production is moving from egg-based to virus-like particles and RNA constructs. YMC enables these new platforms with proven technologies, from our YMC-Triart C18 silica to the industry’s most advanced continuous purification systems based on the patented MCSGP process.

Whether a vaccine is synthesized or cultured, YMC can address its purification needs with:

  • TFF membrane systems
  • Batch or continuous LPLC and HPLC chromatography systems
  • Pre-packed columns
  • Bulk column packing materials: RP, IEX, NP, SEC, HIC, Chiral, and more
  • Glass and SS (DAC) empty columns
  • Bench-top FPLC systems
  • Custom process skids for most downstream unit operations

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