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Buy Analytical Columns Online from YMC America

Trust YMC to meet your analytical HPLC needs with columns and accessories suited for a wide range of LC applications. With YMC America as your supplier, you can rest assured that each analytical column you buy from us is backed by years of development and refinement, resulting in a product line that delivers superior results with exceptional performance.

As a supplier with over 30 years of experience and a global presence, we are the preferred analytical column provider in the industry. Our analytical columns include reversed phase (ODS), normal phase, chiral, size-exclusion, ion exchange for biomolecular separations, plus supplies for pretreatment and general chromatography accessories.

Take a look at all of our analytical columns available to buy online from YMC America:

Reversed Phase (ODS) –

analytical columns

  • YMC-Pack Pro C18 RS
  • YMC-Pack Pro C18
  • YMC-Pack ODS-A
  • YMC-Pack ODS-AM
  • YMC-Pack ODS-AQ
  • YMC-Pack ODS-AL
  • YMC-Pack PolymerC18
  • YMC Meteoric Core C18 Core-Shell
  • YMC Triart C18 Hybrid
  • YMC Triart C18 Hybrid UHPLC
  • YMC Triart ExRS Hybrid
  • YMC UltraHT series
  • Hydrosphere C18
  • J’sphere ODS-H80, M80, L80

Other Reversed Phase –

  • YMC Meteoric Core C8 Core-Shell
  • YMC-Pack Pro C8 & C4
  • YMC-Pack C8
  • YMC-Pack C4
  • YMC-Pack TMS
  • YMC-Pack Ph
  • YMC-Pack CN
  • YMC Triart C8 Hybrid
  • YMC Triart C8 Hybrid UHLPC
  • YMC Triart PFP
  • YMC Triart Phenyl
  • YMCbasic
  • YMC Carotenoid C30

Normal Phase –

Our columns for normal-phase separation include:

  • YMC-Pack SIL
  • YMC-Pack CN
  • YMC-Pack Diol-NP
  • YMC-Pack Polyamine II
  • YMC-Pack NH2
  • YMC-Pack PA-G
  • YMC-Pack PVA-Sil

As well as HILIC in two Diol phases:

  • YMC Triart Diol HILIC
  • YMC-Pack Diol-NP

Chiral – YMC America offers five polysaccharide derivative-based chiral phases: Amylose-SA Immobilized Phase, Amylose-C Coated Phase, Cellulose-SB Immobilized Phase, Cellulose-C Coated Phase, and Cellulose-SC Immobilized Phase. Each is available in particle sizes of 5, 10, and 20 micron, with the immobilized phases available in 3 micron, as well. They are suitable for supercritical fluid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, prep-scale liquid chromatography and simulated moving bed. YMC America also offers cyclodextrin and NEA phases.

Ion Exchange – For ion exchange, we offer YMC-BioPro columns for the separation of peptides, proteins and nucleic acids. These IEX columns are available in quaternary ammonium (SAX) and sulfopropyl (SCX) chemistries and are specifically designed for the analysis of biomolecules, including charge variant analysis of monoclonal antibody drugs. They are available in 3, 5, and 6 μm particle sizes (non-porous) for analytical and semi-prep applications, and are scalable to larger, fully-porous particles (10, 20, 30, and 75 μm) for preparative separations.

Biomolecules – The YMC-Pack Diol SEC, YMC-Pack PROTEIN-RP, YMC-BioPro IEX Columns and our wide-pore reversed-phase columns are all designed for efficient biomolecule separation.

Column Kits – YMC-Mariner LC-MS Columns kits include a variety of phases and are designed to simplify method development in the LC-MS lab.

Special – Our special-application supplies include actus columns, hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography columns, YMC Carotenoid C30 columns, silica and silica alternatives.

Sample Pretreatment & Accessories – Our pretreatment supplies and accessories include tubing parts as well as sample pretreatment filters and cartridges.

YMC*Gel – We offer silica and hybrid-silica based reversed phase and normal phase materials for preparative separations.

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