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About YMC / what we do / our capabilities

YMC is a leading global provider of fine separations technology products and services for the purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds. YMC’s business is centered around liquid chromatography as a full-range supplier of bulk packing materials, lab and production scale systems, and associated services. However, the company also has a long history in manufacturing different types of unit operations, such as TFF, biosynthesis systems, and precision dilution systems that are engineered for the demanding applications in the production of regulated drug therapies.

Since releasing its first product in 1980, YMC has grown to support manufacturing and offices in over 10 countries, offering leading-edge services, sales, technical product support, contract purification services, and applications assistance. YMC serves customers of all sizes—from startup R&D labs to the world’s largest biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies.

At YMC, we’re small enough to listen but big enough to deliver major innovations for the purification of new and novel therapies. As one of the most established manufacturers of HPLC columns, our portfolio ranges from classical analytical over chiral to semi-preparative HPLC columns. Every YMC column is individually tested to provide peak symmetry and performance and meet our high-quality standards.

YMC’s ChromaCon Group is globally known for pioneering continuous chromatography with a simple two-column design. Proven in both small and large molecule GMP applications, the Contichrom series of systems leads in the field of continuous liquid chromatography.

This website incorporates information from these three business units within YMC:

The YMC America Group, founded in the 1980s, has expanded from the core chromatography bulk media and columns technology business to include the manufacture of leading lab (Contichrom CUBE) and GMP scale prep systems (Contichrom TWIN HPLC and LPLC), as well as other downstream process unit technologies. The group operates two laboratories (located in the industry-rich hubs of Southern California and Massachusetts) for the support of its products and contract services.
The Process Technologies Group of YMC America, founded in 2000, creates advanced bio/pharmaceutical purification platforms. Our systems are award-winning for innovative designs that ignite the imagination of industry leaders. Our deep expertise in fluid dynamics, combined with YMC’s industry-leading column and resin technologies, allows YMC America to provide precise batch-to-continuous processing solutions with the perfect balance of accuracy, repeatability, and precision. Our design, fabrication, and automation services ensure you get exactly what you want.

ChromaCon AG, a YMC Group Company, is a life sciences tool leader with labs and offices in Zurich, Switzerland, that develop and commercialize proprietary chromatographic process technology. Founded in 2006, ChromaCon became established as the global leader in continuous chromatography and collaborated with YMC’s Process Technologies Group for the production of GMP scale-up equipment before joining YMC in 2019.

Today, YMC ChromaCon offers an integrated approach to chromatographic process development and production systems and tools. With a founding vision to make chromatography simpler and more efficient and thus expanding its range of applications, ChromaCon has developed a series of laboratory-scale FPLC and HPLC equipment for the purification of proteins and small molecules, employing a range of connected and continuous processes (Contichrom CUBE) distributed globally by YMC-associated companies.


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Our mission and values

It is our mission to contribute to the future of science and society by providing innovative separation and purification technologies.

Our company stands on the core values of an inclusive and diverse culture, team ideals that support one’s full potential, continuous innovation, honesty, and integrity. These principles underscore the approach we take to our products—an unflagging commitment to precision and quality—and in the way we conduct business—with straightforward candor, humility, and fair mutual dealing.

Together, we are a global, 500-person leader with four decades of experience innovating in separation and purification technologies, services, and products.

YMC is part of a global organization with locations in Europe, India, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, the USA, and Japan.

Websites for other YMC Regional and Corporate sites can be accessed by clicking here.

Our people

With our project management capabilities and long industry experience, we understand what goes on upstream and downstream of your process, allowing us to avoid project snags and optimize systems for life cycle costs and maximum efficiency. Our team is comprised of professionals derived from the bio/pharma industry who are backed by YMC global technology, sales, and service organizations, with field offices in all major geographies.

We employ a broad range of downstream process engineers, GMP-minded system designers, industry-derived process engineers, scientists and subject matter experts, quality professionals, automation and electrical engineers, and skilled technicians—all with the single goal of producing a highly refined system intended for use in bio/pharmaceutical facilities anywhere in the world.

YMC America is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.