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YMC Carotenoid

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YMC America will make a donation to St Jude Children’s Hospital for every prepacked column sold.

Reversed phase column for separation of geometric isomers.

YMC Carotenoid is a C30 bonded silica-based reversed phase column that is markedly more hydrophobic than classical C18 phases. Even when pure organic eluents are applied, many sample solutes are retained.

The YMC Carotenoid C30 stationary phase provides sufficient phase thickness to enhance interaction with long chain molecules; therefore, geometric and positional isomers of conjugated double-bonding systems are recognized and resolved. It can be used to separate carotenoids in blood samples, food products, natural product extracts, and commercial preparations.

In addition, YMC Carotenoid operates with low aqueous or non-aqueous mobile phases that are desirable in LC/MS and prep fraction recovery.


  • C30 chain stationary phase
  • Very lipophilic
  • Exceptional selectivity pattern
  • LC/MS applicable


Typical applications include: isomeric carotenes, retinols, steroids, fat-soluble vitamins


Stationary Phase C30 (USP L62)
Bonding Polymeric
Mode Reversed Phase
Particle Size 3, 5 µm
pH Range 2-7.5
Temperature Upper Limit 50 °C
Temperature Recommended Range 20 – 40 °C

Available Formats

Analytical Resin (3 – 5 µm)

  • Prepacked columns & guards
    • Capillary (< 1 mm ID)
    • Analytical (1.0 – 8.0 mm ID)
    • Preparative (10 mm ID & above)

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