Lab Systems (Contichrom® CUBE)

Contichrom CUBE—versatile benchtop process development tool

This is our flagship Chromatography system. It offers unique capabilities for mastering complex separation challenges by using our proprietary processes. The user-friendly software automates the use of these processes:

  • Standard batch processes
  • Automated two-step batch process with in-line dilution
  • Automated cyclic processes for optimized capture of antibodies and tagged proteins (CaptureSMB)
  • AutomAb dynamic process control for keeping the CaptureSMB process at an optimum
  • Automated cyclic polishing process (MCSGP) for difficult separation challenges
  • AutoPeak dynamic process control for keeping the MCSGP process at an optimum
  • Automated cyclic enrichment process (N-Rich®) allowing to isolate product-related impurities
  • Fraction collector
  • Optional: cold cabinet (feed and eluate are kept cool)

The Contichrom CUBE system offers all-in-one process capabilities

Resolution: Analytical resolution at preparative scale

  • Ideally suited for monoclonal antibody purification and difficult separation challenges
  • Batch chromatography processes
  • Two-step integrated batch chromatography processes
  • CaptureSMB for optimized capture
  • AutomAb program for optimization of CaptureSMB
  • MCSGP for polishing
  • N-Rich® for isolation of product-related impurities

MCSGP, being the only scalable ternary chromatographic process solution, offers large economic benefits compared to batch processes, which have an intrinsic weakness of having to choose between yield and purity. With MCSGP processes, both yield and purity are always superior compared to an analogous batch process and, in addition, productivity is increased up to tenfold while buffer/solvent consumption is reduced by 70%. MCSGP processes can be run with smaller equipment footprints, offering large CAPEX and OPEX savings. A single polish step of a biopharmaceutical product employing MCSGP could save millions of dollars per year.

N-Rich® enables the enrichment of a minor compound while simultaneously depleting the large excess of interfering components. It is particularly useful for the isolation of product-related impurities and saves tedious repetitive analytical separations to isolate the compound of interest. With N-Rich®, this can be achieved in a short time without repetitive manual handling.


For Bio/Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Protein purification
  • Process development for therapeutic proteins
  • Biomarker discovery, target identification, assay development
  • Isolation of product-related impurities
  • Isolation of Biosimilar isoforms
  • Stability studies of bulk drug substance and formulated product
  • High-throughput purification of mAbs for Protein A capture and SEC polish

For CMOs and CROs producing Biologics:

  • Significant reduction of project turnaround times and/or Protein A costs
  • Reduction of processing time and increase in the number of projects that can be undertaken
  • Time and labor for process development can be cut with AutomAb automated optimization software
  • Achieve yield and purity goals more easily and faster with MCSGP processes
  • Economic clinical trial manufacturing
  • Pre-clinical development services with N-Rich®; isolation and characterization of product-related impurities

Research institutes:

  • Identify and isolate difficult fractions with N-Rich®’s fast, high-resolution, automated process
  • No more hours and hours of manually injecting small quantities and products that have degraded before you have a chance to analyze them. N-Rich® will do the same task overnight with minimal manual handling.
  • Biomarker discovery, target identification, assay development
  • Production of biological targets
  • Protein purification

Universities and colleges:

  • Explore new territory with a range of techniques at your fingertips, all on one easy-to-use system. Isolate difficult product-related impurities, biomarkers, aggregates, and defective molecules quickly.
  • Biomarker discovery, target identification, assay development
  • Production of biological targets, using tagged proteins
  • Protein purification

ChromIQ software

ChromIQ is the operating software of the Contichrom preparative chromatography equipment. The software is designed to allow the users to operate the equipment without expert knowledge of the underlying processes. This is done through an interface where the process input templates are filled out by the operator, showing immediately the process output data. In this way, the right process can be designed before running it.

The software uses wizard modules supporting different processes and process control functions, depending on the Contichrom product. The wizards are pre-programmed software modules for easy operation. Following ChromIQ, software wizards are included in the different Contichrom products:

  • Contichrom CUBE: Batch, 2-step connected batch, CaptureSMB, AutomAb, MCSGP, MControl, N-Rich®

The wizards also help to convert the conventional batch process to the more efficient twin-column countercurrent processes.

Dynamic process control tools like AutomAb and MControl keep CaptureSMB and MCSGP processes at an optimal set point during steady-state operation.

ChromIQ also has an expert operating mode for deeper control and autonomous expert programming. This function is deactivated by default and can be activated.

The software contains all essential elements for 21CFR part 11 compliance:

  • Pre-defined user groups, administrators, R&D, and production users
  • Rights management for individual user groups
  • User accounts are password protected
  • Logging with timestamp and username (non-deletable)
  • Electronic signature with checksum of log and measurement files


We offer and recommend useful accessories to our Contichrom systems, helping to facilitate chromatographic operations:

  • The Teledyne Isco Foxy R1 fraction collector
  • The Teledyne Isco Foxy R2 fraction collector with expanded racks
  • A sample loading system with valves and loops for precise injection of small samples (500 µL-20 mL)
  • A screening valve system for rapid discovery of ideal chromatography conditions
  • Optional preparative flow cells for external detectors
  • Optional external variable wavelength detectors (190-500 nm)
  • Optional external variable multi-wavelength detectors (190-700 nm)
  • A cooling cabinet that can accommodate the R1 fraction collector as well as feed and buffer bottles
  • A re-usable transport box for each the CUBE and the CUBE+ modules

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