Tangential Flow Filtration (UF, MF)

Your membrane system configured your way

When you combine your preference for membrane supplier and configuration with our design, engineering, and fabrication expertise, you are assured of a tangential flow filtration (TFF) system built to your precise specifications. That’s why YMC TFF systems, in both hollow fiber and cassette formats, are in operation at the world’s leading biomanufacturers for concentration, purification, and formulation (UF/DF) applications.

You will find no better partner for manufacturing TFF/membrane systems than the team at YMC. Many of our staff members come from the biotech industry, as well as all the major TFF membrane suppliers. We understand fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of your downstream purification processes.

Advantages of YMC-designed TFF units

Because our proven designs are customized to your process, they enable you to:

  • Use your preferred format—we aren’t a membrane manufacturer, so we build what you want—not what we want to sell you as a consumable
  • Save costs over proprietary OEM membranes. YMC’s cassette holder design is precision-made by YMC and available for most major cassette formats.
  • Implement robust automation and process control through YMC’s smart and flexible user adaptable control system
  • Have a GMP-compliant system built specifically to your process requirements
  • Deal with a company that is big enough to innovate but small enough to listen
  • Have FAT and Turn Over Packages that assure you of a job done right

Our solutions for membranes include:

  • Hollow Fiber (HF)
  • Cassette (flat sheet)
  • Tanks and controls for TFF systems
  • UF/DF (diafiltration) systems
  • Normal flow (MF cartridge) package skids

Examples of some of our custom systems

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