Processing of intermediate or final drug products requires large volumes of buffer or solvents for formulating, blending, eluting during chromatographic purification steps, and stabilizing molecules during hold steps and final formulation processing. 

Precision and monitoring are two key attributes of any dilution or blending skid, as accuracy in the solution constituents for the use in a regulated drug product is paramount. Additionally, design considerations for the operational environment (e.g., ATEX, GMP, etc.) are required for safe operation. 

Systems materials of construction are carefully chosen to be non-reactive with the solution. Capacities are generally in the sub-liter per minute to 40 liters per minute, but single units of well over 100 lpm are not uncommon in larger production facilities. Systems can be located at the point of use or in a central distribution location.

The use of a dilution system can radically reduce the tank farm footprint (storage area for solutions at use strength), provide more consistent and accurate final concentrations, and reduce operator exposure to concentrated chemistries.

Dilution systems by YMC are available for:

  • Aqueous buffers (for chromatography, TFF (UF/DF) and final formulation)
  • Caustic solution (for cleaning, sanitization, and storage)
  • Solvents

YMC’s dilution systems with digitally controlled, diaphragm metering pumps and optimized fluidic design deliver the precise and accurate flow of both the concentrate and diluent, assuring better control of final solution composition and minimizing the variation of critical quality attributes (such as ionic strength, concentration, pH, and conductivity).

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