The use of porous substrates (filters) to clarify, remove particles, sub-micron biologics, such as bacteria and viruses, is critical to the quality of modern therapeutics. Filtration varies not only in the porosity—particulate removal, absolute rated sterilizing grade, microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF), and material (e.g., PTFE, nylon, polyethersulfone, etc.)—but also in the physical configuration. Some examples of different configurations used in the manufacture of therapeutic proteins are:

  • Hollow Fiber (HF) membranes
  • Cassette (flat sheet) tangential flow devices
  • Normal flow (MF cartridge) cartridges
  • Virus filtration membranes

Systems employing pumps, valves, sensors, and controls are designed to optimize the performance of each configuration.

Users may have a preference for membrane supplier and configuration, and YMC can design, engineer, and fabricate a tangential flow (TFF), normal flow, or virus filtration system built around your preferred format. YMC-built TFF systems, in both hollow fiber and cassette formats, are operating in the world’s leading biomanufacturers in concentration, purification, and formulation (UF/DF) applications.

You will find no better partner for manufacturing TFF/membrane systems than the team at YMC. Many of our staff come from biotech users, as well as all the major TFF membrane suppliers. We understand fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of your downstream purification processes.

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