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Precolumn Filters

Precolumn filters can extend the column life by filtering out fine particles from the sample that would otherwise clog the column frit.

YMC Filter Units

YMC filter units are designed for tubing systems with a 1/16” outer diameter. Both stainless steel and PEEK units are available.

Precolumn Filters

Part Number Description
XRPRCS03 Precolumn Filter Unit, SS, for tubing system with 1/16″ OD. 1 filter included.
XRPRCS35 5 spare stainless steel filters for XRPRCS03, 0.5 µm
XRPRCP02 Precolumn Filter Unit, PEEK, for tubing system with 1/16″ OD. 1 filter included.
XRPRCP25 5 spare PEEK filters for XRPRCP02, 2 µm

OPTI-SOLV® Mini Filters

OPTI-SOLV® Mini Filters employ an automatic tube stop depth adjustment that results in perfect zero-dead-volume connections.

No tools are required, and the filters thread directly into any 10-32 port without the need for a holder.

OPTI-SOLV® Mini Filters

Part Number Description
YMA-90-50-05596 OPTI-SOLV Mini Filters, 0.5 µm, pack of five
YMA-90-50-05599 OPTI-SOLV Mini Filters, 2 µm, pack of five

LC Parts & Accessories

ProductPhase / TypeSeparation Mode(s)Pore SizesParticle SizespH RangeAvailable FormatsLink to Order
Precolumn FiltersParts & Accessories---n/aParts & Accessories

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