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YMC-Pack C4

Classical phase with low hydrophobicity.

YMC-Pack C4 columns are less hydrophobic than C8 or C18 materials, and generally utilize more aqueous eluents. When compared to C8 and C18 columns (using the same eluents), C4 stationary phases show significantly shorter retention for non-polar compounds. Retention of polar compounds, however, is not significantly affected. Therefore, YMC-Pack C4 is ideal for analyzing mixtures with a wide range of component polarity. This is due to the C4 bonded phase exhibiting shorter analysis time while still maintaining high resolution when compared to longer-chain bonded chemistries.

YMC-Pack C4 (Butyl) columns are available with three pore sizes to accommodate optimum separations of virtually any molecular-weight compound. The 120 Å phase is used extensively with non-polar peptides which are too strongly retained on C8 and C18. The 200 Å and 300 Å phase columns effectively resolve many classes of proteins and biopolymers. The wide pore butyl chemistry allows minimal distortion of tertiary conformation for large biomolecules and results in samples that are pure, concentrated, and high in biological activity.


  • Ideally suited for biological separations
  • High-coverage monomeric bonding on 
perfectly spherical silica supports
  • Fully endcapped


Typical applications include: biological separations, polar compounds


Stationary Phase C4 (USP L26)
Bonding Monomeric
Particle Size 3, 5, 10, 
15, 20, 50 µm
Pore Size 120, 200, 300 Å
Carbon Content 7%, 5%, 3%
pH Range 2 – 7.5
Temperature Upper Limit 50 °C
Temperature Recommended Range 20 – 40 °C

*not all combinations of particle & pore size are available

Preparative Particle Sizes

YMC-Pack C4 with particle sizes of 10 µm and higher are available as part of the YMC*Gel High Grade (HG) series. These resins boast improved mechanical stability as well as narrower particle size and pore size distribution. YMC-Pack C4-HG can be purchased in prepacked analytical and preparative columns or in bulk resin format.

Available Formats

  • Prepacked columns & guards
    • Capillary (< 1 mm ID)
    • Analytical (1.0 – 8.0 mm ID)
    • Preparative (10 mm ID & above)
  • Bulk resin

LC Columns & Accessories

ProductPhase / TypeSeparation Mode(s)Pore SizesParticle SizespH RangeAvailable FormatsLink to Order
YMC-Pack C4C4Reversed Phase120 Å200 Å300 Å3 µm5 µm10 µm15 µm20 µm50 µm2 - 7.5Analytical (1 - 8 mm ID)Capillary (< 1 mm ID)Preparative (10 mm ID & above)

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