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YMC-Pack Pro C18

High-performance columns made with ultra-high purity silica.

YMC-Pack Pro C18 columns start with a tightly controlled, highly purified silica gel, followed by a high-coverage C18 bonding, and finished with a unique endcapping procedure utilizing Lewis acid/Lewis base chemistry. Together, these features provide unequaled separations with sharp and symmetrical peaks for all types of organic molecules, especially basic pharmaceuticals and chelating compounds.


  • Made with highly inert, ultrapure, pH neutral silica
  • Extremely rigorous physical and chemical specifications
  • Lewis acid/Lewis base endcapping
  • Very high-efficiency columns; typically 100,000 to 120,000 plates/meter for 5µm and 130,000 to 150,000 plates/meter for 3µm packings
  • Continues YMC’s proven lot-to-lot and column-to-column reproducibility.


Typical applications include: antioxidants, metabolites, APIs


Stationary Phase C18 (USP L1)
Bonding Monomeric
Particle Size 2, 3, 5, 10 µm
Pore Size 120 Å
Carbon Content 16%
pH Range 2 – 8
Temperature Upper Limit 50 °C
Temperature Recommended Range 20 – 40 °C

Available Formats

  • Prepacked columns & guards
    • Capillary (< 1 mm ID)
    • Analytical (1.0 – 8.0 mm ID)
    • Preparative (10 mm ID & above)

LC Columns & Accessories

ProductPhase / TypeSeparation Mode(s)Pore SizesParticle SizespH RangeAvailable FormatsLink to Order
YMC-Pack Pro C18C18Reversed Phase120 Å3 µm5 µm10 µm2 - 8Analytical (1 - 8 mm ID)Capillary (< 1 mm ID)Preparative (10 mm ID & above)

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