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Analytical: YMC Chiral CD BR Series

Bromo-Cyclodextrin Chiral Phases

The YMC CHIRAL CD BR series is composed of 3 types of optical isomer separation columns. Each column possesses α-, β-,or γ-bromo-cyclodextrin as a functional group. Selection from the 3 types of columns enables the analysis of a wide range of compounds. In addition, these chiral stationary phases show different selectivity from ODS because the separation is based on host-guest interaction, making them useful for separating structural isomers that are difficult to separate on ODS columns.


Features & Benefits

Base Material: Porous Silica
Stationary Phase: YMC CHIRAL α-CD BR: α-bromo-cyclodextrin
YMC CHIRAL β-CD BR: β-bromo-cyclodextrin
YMC CHIRAL γ-CD BR: γ-bromo-cyclodextrin
Particle Size: 5mm
pH Range: 3.5-6.5

The YMC CHIRAL CD BR series provides better separation for various optical isomers due to the chiral nature of cyclodextrin.  α-CD BR, β-CD BR, and γ-CD BR show different separation features because each of them has different size cavity. Therefore, choosing the proper one can result in providing a successful separation of a wide range of compounds. These columns can be used as a chiral phase in conjunction with reversed-phase eluents, and can also be effective when used together with ODS columns.


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