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SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Pack ODS-AQ

Useful for Separations Using High Aqueous Mobile Phases

YMC-Pack ODS-AQ is a unique reversed-phase material with both a hydrophobic high carbon loading and a relatively hydrophilic surface.  Because of the hydrophilic surface, ODS-AQ can be “wetted” with  polar eluents.  ODS-AQ provides chromatographers reproducible retention and excellent peak shape in highly aqueous mobile phases, even 100% water.  A condition that is often difficult to use with conventional ODS packings.

Strong Retention for Polar Compounds

In highly aqueous mobile phases, ODS-AQ gives longer retention than conventional ODS packings. This is due to the C18 ligands on ODS-AQ actually being lifted from the surface by the action of the eluents penetrating the silica pores.


YMC-Pack ODS-AQ: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Silica
Stationary Phase: C18 (USP L1)
Particle Size: 3µm, 5µm, 10μm, 15µm, 20µm, 50µm
Pore Size: 120Å, 200Å
Carbon Load: 14%, 10%
Bonding: Monomeric
Endcapping: Yes
pH Range: 2-7.5

Different Selectivity versus Typical ODS

Selectivity on YMC-Pack ODS-AQ can be subtly different from that seen on conventional ODS columns. Differences in selectivity are most often encountered when analyzing mixtures of relatively polar compounds.  Typically, longer retention and greater resolution are observed with ODS-AQ.

Suited for Biochemical Applications

ODS-AQ is well-suited for analysis and purification of peptides and other biomolecules. Available in both 120Å and 200Å pore sizes, ODS-AQ is appropriate for all types of peptide analysis, regardless of size.

  • Recommended for analysis of highly polar compounds
  • Eliminates need for paired ion reagents
  • Strong retention in aqueous eluents
  • Enhanced separation of biomolecules such as peptides, proteins, and nucleotides
  • Different selectivity versus conventional ODS

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3µm & 5µm 10µm

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20µm & 50µm

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