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SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Pack ODS-A

YMC-Pack ODS-A in 120Å pore size is the first choice of many chromatographers for high performance reversed phase separations.  It has selectivity for the separation of a wide range of organic compounds found in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries.  ODS-A is a high-coverage, fully-endcapped C18 phase which exhibits exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility.  ODS-A columns are noted for their high efficiency, selectivity, and long lifetimes.


Features & Benefits: YMC-Pack ODS-A

Base Material: Silica
Stationary Phase: C18 (USP L1)
Particle Size: 5µm, 10µm, 15µm, 20µm, 50µm
Pore Size: 120Å, 200Å, 300Å
Carbon Load: 17%, 12%, 7%
Bonding: Monomeric
Endcapping: Yes
pH Range: 2-7.5

Features & Benefits

YMC-Pack ODS-A offers three different pore sizes, with 200Å being the most versatile.  200Å ODS-A offers a unique mix of moderately large pores and high surface area for the analysis of a wide range of compounds, from small organics and pharmaceuticals to moderately-sized proteins.

  • Highly versatile ODS phase
  • Offered in 120Å, 200Å, and 300Å pore sizes
  • Selectivity for polar to moderately non-polar pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, biologicals, and natural products

Product List

Product Chart

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10mm ID

[vartable id=”17719″]

20mm ID

[vartable id=”17751″]

30mm ID

[vartable id=”17784″]

50mm ID

[vartable id=”5067″]


10mm ID

[vartable id=”17821″]

20mm ID

[vartable id=”17890″]

30mm ID

[vartable id=”17959″]

50mm ID

[vartable id=”5100″]

70mm ID

[vartable id=”18029″]

100mm ID

[vartable id=”18102″]


20mm ID

[vartable id=”18171″]

30mm ID

[vartable id=”18215″]

50mm ID

[vartable id=”5169″]


20mm ID

[vartable id=”18260″]

30mm ID

[vartable id=”18308″]

50mm ID

[vartable id=”18356″]


20mm ID

[vartable id=”18404″]

30mm ID

[vartable id=”18452″]

50mm ID

[vartable id=”5214″]



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