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SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Triart C8

Hybrid Silica ODS

YMC-Triart C8 semi-preparative and preparative columns are packed with a novel, organic/inorganic hybrid silica particles derivatized with C8.  Triart C8 columns feature chemical stability and mechanical strength, operation over a wide pH range of 1-12, high loading capacity, and narrow particle and pore size distributions.  Triart C8 semi-preparative and preparative columns are available in many column geometries.

Triart Hybrid Advantages

The core material for all of the YMC-Triart products – the particle – is inspired by YMC’s flow chemistry technology.  Inherent in YMC’s process is a high level of temperature and particle formation control.  As a result, Triart particles are consistent, reproducible, and scalable across many particle sizes. The hybrid Triart particles produce a material that is highly resilient and robust when used at extreme pH and elevated temperature.  These particles are very stable under mechanical stress such as high pressure. YMC-Triart C8 Semi-preparative and Preparative columns can be used at temperatures up to 70⁰C at pH 1-7, and 50⁰C from pH 7-12.


YMC-Triart C8: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Stationary Phase: C8 (USP L7)
Particle Size: 5µm, 10µm, 15µm, 20µm
Pore Size: 120Å
Carbon Load: 17%
Bonding: Polymeric
Endcapping: Yes
pH Range: 1-12
Temperature Range: Up to 70⁰C for pH 1-7
Up to 50⁰C for pH 7-12
  • Suitable for semi-preparative and preparative HPLC.
  • Same selectivity as other Triart C8 particle sizes
  • Chemically and Mechanically stable
  • Base-washable (clean in place)
  • High loading capacity

YMC-Triart columns are well-suited to a variety of applications in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.  YMC-Triart’s performance in wide-ranging conditions arguably makes it an ideal universal reversed-phase column choice.

Product List

Product Table

Please select the desired particle size to view a list of products.


Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Endfittings Part Number PriceQuantity
5µm120Å10.0 100 Standard Threaded TO12S05-1010WT $1,284.00
5µm120Å10.0 150 Standard Threaded TO12S05-1510WT $1,284.00
5µm120Å10.0 250Standard Threaded TO12S05-2510WT $1,810.00
5µm120Å 20.0 50 Actus TO12S05-0520WX $1,679.00
5µm120Å 20.0 100 Actus TO12S05-1020WX $2,801.00
5µm120Å 20.0 150 Actus TO12S05-1520WX $3,050.00
5µm120Å 20.0 250 Actus TO12S05-2520WX $3,600.00
5µm120Å 30.0 50 Actus TO12S05-0530WX $3,735.00
5µm120Å 30.0 75 Actus TO12S05-L530WX $4,201.00
5µm120Å 30.0 100 Actus TO12S05-1030WX $4,902.00
5µm120Å 30.0 150 Actus TO12S05-1530WX $7,500.00
5µm120Å 30.0 250 Actus TO12S05-2530WX $11,300.00
5µm120Å 50.0 100 Actus, 3000psi TO12S05-1053DX $12,230.00
5µm120Å 50.0 150 Actus, 3000psi TO12S05-1553DX $14,545.00
5µm120Å 50.0 250 Actus, 3000psi TO12S05-2553DX $16,162.00

For information about YMC Actus technology, please click here.

10µm & Larger

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Endfittings Part Number PriceQuantity
10µm 120Å 10.0 100 Standard Threaded TOS12S11-1010WT $1,284.00
10µm 120Å 10.0 150 Standard Threaded TOS12S11-1510WT $1,284.00
10µm 120Å 20.0 50 Actus TOS12S11-0520WX $1,595.00
10µm 120Å 20.0 100 Actus TOS12S11-1020WX $2,660.00
10µm 120Å 20.0 150 Actus TOS12S11-1520WX $2,897.00
10µm 120Å 20.0 250 Actus TOS12S11-2520WX $3,560.00
10µm 120Å 30.0 50 Actus TOS12S11-0530WX $2,345.00
10µm 120Å 30.0 75 Actus TOS12S11-L530WX $2,640.00
10µm 120Å 30.0 100 Actus TOS12S11-1030WX $3,080.00
10µm 120Å 30.0 150 Actus TOS12S11-1530WX $4,715.00
10µm 120Å 50.0 100 Actus, 3000psi TOS12S11-1053DX $7,910.00
10µm 120Å 50.0 150 Actus, 3000psi TOS12S11-1553DX $9,040.00
15µm 120Å 20.0 50 Actus TOS12S16-0520WX Call for Price
20µm120Å 20.0 50 Actus TOS12S21-0520WX Call for Price
10µm 200Å10.0 150 Standard Threaded TOS20S11-1510WT $1,284.00
10µm 200Å10.0 250Standard Threaded TOS20S11-2510WT $1,810.00
10µm 200Å 20.0 150 Actus TOS20S11-1520WX $2,745.00
10µm 200Å 20.0 250 Actus TOS20S11-2520WX $3,600.00
10µm 200Å 30.0 150 Actus TOS20S11-1530WX $4,715.00
10µm 200Å 30.0 250 Actus TOS20S11-2530WX $7,100.00
10µm 200Å 50.050 Actus, 3000psi TOS20S11-0553DX $5,770.00
10µm 200Å 50.0 150 Actus, 3000psi TOS20S11-1553DX $9,040.00
10µm 200Å 50.0 250 Actus, 3000psi TOS20S11-2553DX $11,300.00
20µm 200Å 50.0 250 Actus, 3000psi TOS20S21-2553DX Call for Price

For information about YMC Actus technology, please click here.

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