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Ion Exchange Chromatography

ion exchange chromatographyYMC Bio-Pro series ion exchange columns are designed for the separation of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. These products are available in QA (quaternary ammonium) and SP (sulfopropyl) ion exchange chemistries. In addition, BioPro separations are fully scalable for preparative purification and polishing. These columns are available in 3, 5, 6, 10, 30 and 75 micron particle sizes and all BioPro columns packed using PEEK column tubes and fittings rather than stainless steel.

In addition to BioPro SAX and SCX columns and materials, ion exchange screening kits are also available–with a multitude of product configurations including strong (SCX, SAX) and weak (WCX, WAX) ion exchangers. These cartridge kits are ideal for determining analyte suitability and initial method development conditions.


YMC BioPro IEX Columns are available in both QA (quaternary amine) and SP (sulfopropyl) chemistries, and are available in both porous and nonporous types. They are made from a hydrophilic polymer bead base material that exhibits none of the secondary interactions that are typically seen with polystyrene-based materials. Some advantages of these products include excellent resolution, high recovery of biomolecules, and an incredibly fast analysis on non-porous types.

YMC BioPro IEX Columns are meant to be used for proteins and peptides, based on a hydrophilic methacrylate polymer with low nonspecific absorption. These are available in QA and SP chemistries on 5 µm porous (QA and SP columns) as well as 3,5, and 6um non-porous (QA-F and SP-F columns) hydrophilic polymer beads packed in biocompatible PEEK column housings in an array of dimensions (inquire for details).



  • Sulfopropyl chemistry for cation (SCX) exchange
  • Quaternary amino chemistry for anion (SAX) exchange
  • Excellent dynamic binding capacity (DBC)
  • Low nonspecific adsorption and high recovery
  • High capacity with low operating pressure even at high flow rates

YMC-BioPro Q30, Q75, S30, and S75 are all high performance ion exchange resins meant to be used for purification processing of proteins, peptides, antibodies, and oligonucleotides at both laboratory and industrial scale. These products are made using a next generation hydrophilic polymer matrix with a particle size of either 30 µm or 75 µm, and a pore size of 100 nm (1000Å). Customers are encouraged to inquire for additional information.

These materials offer high binding capacity, combined with low nonspecific adsorption and excellent recovery. YMC-BioPro has a narrow particle size distribution to assist in the sharpening of resolution. Additionally, BioPro exhibits low operating pressure, which makes it easy to apply in high flow applications. Customers typically prefer the 75 µm materials for high capacity capture steps and efficient intermediate purification steps, while the 30 µm are better suited for the purification of large sample volumes at higher flow rates.


Our easy-to-use screening kits allow for resin screening, the development of purification methods, and loadability studies. These low cost kits make it simple to test various combinations of method conditions and analyte materials. See Datasheet. Moreover, YMC-BioPro is available in all formats.

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