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SFC Products Available Online from YMC America

For a fast and sustainable alternative to high performance liquid chromatography, YMC America offer supercritical fluid chromatography products online.

Alcyon SFC Columns

supercritical fluid chromatography productsSupercritical fluid chromatography offers several advantages over high performance liquid chromatography. With supercritical fluid chromatography products from YMC America, analytical separations can occur three to five times faster than traditional normal phase high performance liquid chromatography, all the while retaining high resolution. Our supercritical fluid chromatography columns also offer an excellent alternative for high-speed normal phase purification.

Our Alcyon SFC columns are available in both chiral and achiral stationary phases. Each column is equipped with hardware designed specifically for SFC applications, and offers the advantage of fast separation, unbeatable durability, excellent peak shape (without the need for acid), and superior reduction of solvent consumption.

Alcyon SFC Columns are available in the following phases:



Our achiral lineup of columns use a base of either organic/inorganic hybrid silica (Triart C18, Triart Diol, Triart PFP) or high-purity silica gel (CN, SIL). As with our chiral columns, both types are available in 5 µm particle size, with a pressure limit of 30 MPa for inner diameter of 2.1 and 4.6 mm, and 20 MPa for inner diameter of 10 and 20 mm.

Want to Learn More About Our Online Inventory of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Products?

View detailed specifications on our full range of chiral and achiral supercritical fluid chromatography columns via our Alcyon SFC Column brochure. In addition to specifications on our SFC products, you’ll find data comparisons that show the numerous advantages of SFC in multiple applications, including:

  • Faster separation of both chiral and achiral compounds achieved on supercritical fluid chromatograph as opposed to HPLC separation
  • Excellent peak shape obtained on SFC chiral separation without the addition of acid
  • Excellent durability under high pressure gradient conditions
  • Separation of phenols using achiral columns

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