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N-Rich® Technology Resources

The N-Rich Process Principle Explained

The N-Rich technique is a twin-column cyclical enrichment process whereby a target molecule or chromatographic region is selectively enriched while the undesired products are simultaneously depleted. The technology can be run on the Contichrom® CUBE to automate the process of impurity enrichment and purification.

This short video illustrates the N-Rich process in three main stages: accumulation, depletion, and fractionated elution.

Common Uses for the N-Rich Technique

  • Isolation of product-related impurities for active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Characterization of antibody-drug conjugate isoforms
  • Purification of ultra-pure compounds as reference materials
  • Isolation of impurities after stability and formulation studies
  • Identification of biomarkers and compounds in proteomics and metabolomics research
  • Biosimilar CMC characterization

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Additional Resources

Journal of Chromatography A

Enrichment and purification of peptide impurities using twin-column continuous chromatography

This study demonstrates the performance of the N-Rich process for isolation of Angiotensin II peptide impurities compared with standard analytical and preparative chromatography approaches.

Journal of Chromatography B

Enrichment and recovery of oligonucleotide impurities by N-Rich twin-column continuous chromatography

In this study, the N-Rich process was used for impurity isolation from a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) therapeutic synthetic oligonucleotide (ON) produced by solid-phase synthesis.

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