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Efficient isolation of minor compounds by N-Rich

The isolation of minor compounds of complex mixtures is a very difficult purification task, typically done by repetitive (several hundred) runs using analytical HPLC inorder to isolate mg quantities of a minor compound for further testing. The N-Rich process is an automated multistep process that is run by the Contichrom CUBE system providing mg quantities of a desired compound at high purity. The two-step enrichment and separation step yields sufficient material of high purity for structure elucidation or subsequent structural, biochemical, cell- and even animal-based assays. It is an invaluable tool for any research and development laboratory.

N-Rich is applied for:

  • isolation of product-related impurities for active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • biosimilar CMC characterization
  • characterization of antibody-drug conjugate isoforms
  • identification of biomarkers and compounds in proteomics and metabolomics research
  • purification of ultra-pure compounds as reference materials
  • isolation of impurities after stability and formulation studies

The N-Rich process employs a cyclic step where the desired molecule is selectively enrichment and interfering substances are depleted (see animation below). After enrichment of several hundred to thousand-fold, the enriched fraction is separated automatically, using a shallow gradient.

The Contichrom CUBE is capable of executing N-Rich processes.

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