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Continuous Purification: MCSGP

Batch v. MCSGP

In batch chromatography of peptides and oligos, impure side fractions often have to be discarded to reach a certain product purity. With YMC’s patented MCSGP approach, impure product-containing side fractions are internally (automatically) recycled in a periodic closed-loop process while pure product is continuously extracted. Thereby, little product is lost, and the yield of pure product is maximized without any accumulation of impurities while retaining target purity.


High yield at target purity

MCSGP economic benefits

Multicolumn Countercurrent Solvent Gradient Purification process (MCSGP) is a continuous process operated by Contichrom lab-scale (Contichrom CUBE) and Contichrom TWIN pilot/process scale equipment. It provides significant economic benefits compared to single-column batch chromatography operated at low, medium, and high pressure. The economic benefits are derived by the achievement of significantly higher yield at target purity, lower buffer/solvent consumption, and higher productivity. Economic benefits are always obtained, not depending on products or applications, yet the more complex the separation task, the higher the benefits obtained through the MCSGP process.

Figure: Yield-purity-productivity relationship of MCSGP versus conventional batch chromatography. Single-column batch processes (blue) operate on a low productivity level without the potential for productivity gains when high yield and purity are required. MCSGP (red) operates at an optimum in 3D space, with high yield and purity at increased productivity.

MCSGP resources

Continuous purification of therapeutics—removing critical barriers in manufacturing by MCSGP

The challenges in the purification of oligonucleotides (including RNA/DNA) and peptides of time, cost, yield, and purity can be overcome with a technique called MCSGP.

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