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During the production of monoclonal antibodies, the Protein A capture step is the first important purification step. A fast capture step is critical to retaining product integrity and processing of large feed volumes in reasonable times. Novel periodic counter-current (PCC) processes are superior to batch processes, offering a significant economic benefit. 

YMC/ChromaCon’s optimized two-column periodic countercurrent chromatography process (CaptureSMB) is the least complex and most effective process, allowing two to threefold faster processing. It saves up to 60% of expensive Protein A resin and buffer. Lab (Contichrom CUBE instrument) and GMP scale production systems (Contichrom TWIN LPLC) employing CaptureSMB are commercially available.

CaptureSMB resources

The CaptureSMB Process Principle

Maximizing the efficiency of affinity capture steps

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CaptureSMB for the continuous purification of mAbs with high productivity and load

CaptureSMB is a twin-column periodic countercurrent (PCC) process used for the continuous purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody fragments using affinity resins such as Protein A and Protein L.

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Capture SMB; Twin-column chromatography—how it works, economics, and applications

This 25-minute presentation (plus 15-minute Q&A) walks through how a twin-column chromatography system works, both at the bench and production scale.

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