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Thoughts for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2020

For many, the year 2020 has been a tough one. This Thanksgiving, we thought we would put products aside for a few seconds.

The tradition of the Thanksgiving Season is that everyone should pause to take a moment to be grateful. As a state of mind, in good times and in bad, gratitude is important. It’s positive. 

Thanksgiving is for everyone. Thanksgiving has no age, gender, color, religion, political party, financial status, nationality, language, preference, orientation, affiliation, and so on (please forgive us if we left something out). Thanksgiving, conceptually, is universal.

As a tonic for our state of mind – if you will, the buffer for our mobile phase – we see this: no matter how much good fortune or bad fortune has come to you in 2020, thankfulness is good medicine. 

So, from all of us here at YMC: Thank You.