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Your Source for Glass Columns

December 4, 2019

As users of glass columns will tell you, a glass column is more than just a glass tube with fittings. 

Successful use of glass columns also requires versatile provisions for connecting glass sections, adjustable plungers, column jackets for heating and/or cooling, options for aqueous or organic-based mobile phases, rugged stands and column holder provisions, a wide selection of frits, and more.

Good news – YMC has it covered. 

In fact, we offer three distinct glass column product lines for laboratory and pilot scale applications.

YMC ECO Columns are suitable for all types of soft gels and medium pressure applications up to 30 bar (435 psi). ECO Columns are available in diameters of 10 to 80 mm, with bed lengths of 120 to 1000 mm. 

YMC ECOPLUS Columns are multi-purpose columns for all types of liquid chromatography applications, with operating pressures as high as 80 bar (1,160 psi). ECOPLUS Columns are available in diameters of 5 to 50 mm, with bed lengths of 125 to 500 mm (custom dimensions are also offered). 

YMC PILOT Columns are true pilot or production scale columns, suitable for operation up to 16 bar (230 psi). Diameters up to 600 mm and bed lengths up to 850 mm are standard, with custom dimensions available.

Seals and plunger types are offered for compatibility with aqueous buffers or organic solvents.

Of course, stationary phase material options include YMC’s complete selection of reversed phase, normal phase, chiral, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and size exclusion media.

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